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An Extended Mix Of Squarepusher's Ufabulum Teaser

We’re gearing up for his performance at our San Francisco event this weekend.
March 15, 2012, 7:45pm

Squarepusher fans all over the world got a brief taste of what his upcoming album will hold in the form of a teaser video coupled with the brief yet meaningful statement, “I’ve started thinking about pure electronic music again. Something very melodic, very aggressive.”

While that’s not nearly as deep or verbose as his epic manifesto, through which he rightfully excused himself from the conventional creative constraints of ordinary musicians, his words about Ufabulum speak volumes for those who have been waiting for one of the masters of electronic music to return to the genre’s roots. We particularly like that the word “aggressive” is in there.

And the 14-second sample fulfills that promise, but leaves us wanting so much more. Though we know it’s coming, a Squarepusher fan who just couldn’t wait has diced up and extended that little sample into a couple minutes of pure bliss. Incorporating some signature Squarepusher Amen break usage and double-timing the beat at just the right time, the anticipatory remix by Forsides is sure to please any hardcore fan for a few precious extra seconds.

Something the Forsides mix can’t give you is an extended sample of the live element seen in the teaser. The only way to catch that is by attending The Creators Project: San Francisco this Saturday, where you can catch the debut of Squarepusher’s new album and his intense, LED-based live show.