Night Out Receipts: Shots in Surry Hills, Broke People’s Drinks, Chicken Nuggets

Shouting drinks is a people-pleasing sickness, especially when it costs $305.39.

Going back through my bank statement I feel sick. I used to be a lot better with money on nights out but a couple of years ago I dated this really nice guy who used to pay for everyone’s drinks. I thought it was really sweet and kind of just picked up the habit. I regret that now. It wasn’t sweet, it was a sickness. A people pleasing sickness. 

Friday 3pm: I was at the Hollywood Hotel in Surry Hills with a couple of friends and the plan was to have “chill” afternoon wines before going to a gig in the city. A couple of wines turned into three or four drinks where I shouted one friend, two drinks and the other, one. On the one hand, broke friends irk me, especially one’s expectant of drinks. Fuck that. On the other, “it’s just money, wouldn’t you prefer the company of your friends?”


I also bought a new vape.


6pm: We’re at the location of the gig and I’ve paid $11.87 for a DiDi. I buy a shot (ugh) and then my friend, who is also money conscious, shouted me a drink (we love friends that go one for one). We bumped into a group of people we knew and we all decided to head to another event back towards the bar we started at, in fact just around the corner from it. But we caught the train. It was free because I ran behind one of my friends who paid. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.


10pm: We head to a hotel bar in Surry Hills where I buy a round of shots for four people because the “paying for everyone’s drinks while inebriated” sickness still lives inside me ($43.85). 

Then we head to the next event where I do the same and spend another $54 on more cocktails, more drinks – for other people.

I’m not going to go into the details of what happened here because I’m becoming overwhelmed with shame thinking about this part of the night and losing the will to keep writing. Basically though, I just talked a lot of shit, twerked somewhere on something at some point, and overall, actually did have a really fun time with minimal hanxiety the next day.

12:30pm: I finally say adieu and get a $27.43 DiDi home and order $24.68 worth of chicken nuggets.

There are also two miscellaneous transactions and I have no idea what they’re for: $36.56 and $15. So let’s add that to the receipt.

Total: $305.39

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