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Zager Guitars Is Literally Giving Away Free Guitars for Black Friday

Known for its iconic, super playable acoustic guitars (Dolly Parton loves 'em), Zager is offering a wild BOGO deal for this Black Friday.
Zager Guitars Is Literally Giving Away Free Guitars for Black Friday
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In 1969—aka when Charles Manson was at the height of his menace and the first “moon landing” happened—pop duo Zager and Evans released their most successful single, “In the Year 2525 (Exordium & Terminus).” The song opens with the lyrics, “In the year 2525/ If man is still alive/ If woman can survive/ They may find…,” and goes through a succession of super dystopian potential futures, like people not needing food or sex anymore. Sounds bad! Luckily, we’re currently living in a pretty awesome world with not many problems at all [grimaces], so it’s clear that the band was totally wrong about their predictions.


These days, Denny Zager has turned his attention from being his generation’s Nostradamus to manufacturing guitars so that a new era of troubadours can sing songs about the phenomena of our great world, like, uh, WAPs, taking way too much Benadryl, and committing identity theft. According to Zager, modern greats like Dolly Parton, Def Leppard's Phil Collen, and the musicians who play with Lady Gaga and Celine Deon have played his guitars, which have been designed for amazing sound, sleek design, and ease of use.

Good news for those looking for a guitar upgrade: Black Friday is coming, aka the most rockin’ of all holidays (if you love America or spending money). Zager is offering a buy one get one free deal on ZAD80 and ZAD900 pro series model guitars. In addition to that, you also get $625 in accessories for free, including a molded case, strap, capo, tuner, and more. There’s even free shipping! Check out the whole shebang here


What makes a Zager guitar different from a boring ol’ Gibson or Taylor? For one, the neck design is slimmer front to back, so hands of all sizes can easily grip it. It’s also wider than a usual neck, with strings spaced out further, so that everyone from teenage beginners to big sausage-fingered daddies can still rock out. The string action is lower, so you don’t have to press as hard, making it easier to drop those riffs all night long. Real talk, anybody who has spent hours and hours practicing music by Dave Matthews Band Deep Purple will agree that if your guitar isn’t comfortable, you’re gonna wind up with sore fingers, cramped hands, and an achy back. We’ve all been there (except maybe Tony Iommi, whose hands are blessed by the devil himself). 

Anyway—honestly, that’s an extremely rock ‘n roll BOGO deal. And we know rock ‘n roll—we’ve talked to Jeff Tweedy about cereal, NBD. Whether you’re setting out to write the next futuristic folk rock banger or simply a hip-hop track designed to teach listeners about scamming department stores, having a great sounding, endlessly playable axe can make a humongous difference. Since you’re basically getting a free guitar here, you can also give your best music-loving pal the gift of a lifetime. Or, you know, just start a Simon and Garfunkel cover band with them.

Learn more about Zager’s Black Friday sale here.

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