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Vans and Hedley & Bennett Just Dropped New Kitchen Gear (and It’s Dope)

Working in a kitchen doesn't have to mean wearing busted old work shoes. This collab is here to save the day with comfy, slip-resistant kicks.
June 16, 2021, 9:09pm
Photo Courtesy of Vans

What’s up, fellow cooks? Hungover? Your Cambro tattoo still healing? Well, put down your breakfast Monster Energy and cigarette for a second and pull up a chair upside-down milk crate—we’ve got some news. We know non-hideous kitchenwear is hard to find, which is why we're stoked that Vans and Hedley & Bennett just dropped some new kitchen shoes.

The new release features slip-resistant outsoles, Vansguard-treated canvas and suede uppers that repel liquids and dirt, as well as custom H&B UltraCush sockliners. Very sick, very tight.

(As an aside, Hedley & Bennett want you to know that “while these amazing shoes provide increased grip and traction, they may not be considered ‘slip-proof’ by the CSA or ASTM. If you work in a restaurant, check with your manager before purchasing!”)

Streetwear-kitchenwear collabs aren’t some new trend, either—cooks and restaurant industry workers have been influencing streetwear and fashion brands for a while now. “Chefs are now coveted by clothing and lifestyle conglomerates,” Alex Swerdloff reported for VICE in 2016. This also isn’t the first time Vans has teamed up with industry folks. A few years back, the skate brand released a line of kitchen shoes in partnership with Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, the masterminds behind some of LA's best restaurants, including Animal, Son of a Gun, and Jon & Vinny's. In fact, Vans has an entire line of “Made for the Makers” shoes, which include slip-ons that won’t slip off, ultra-comfortable high tops, and more. 


Made for the Makers x Chris Cosentino Old Skool UC


Made for the Makers Slip-On UC

We’re not saying these will make your “clopen” shift any easier, but it’s a damn good start. Cheers! 

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