A California Town Stole a Black-Owned Resort—Will the Family Get Reparations?

Over 100 years later, tensions are playing out in Manhattan Beach, in what may be a test case of land reparations for African Americans.
Courtesy of the California African American Museum
Photo courtesy of the California African American Museum

UPDATE JAN. 5 2023: Bruce's Beach is being resold to LA County for almost $20 million after the county returned the property to the Bruce family descendants last year. 

In 1912, a Black couple named Charles and Willa Bruce bought a parcel of land in Manhattan Beach, California, and turned it into a successful seaside resort for Black Californians. Until they were driven out of town—by white city officials who didn’t want Black neighbors.


Now, a hundred years later, a new state law will allow for the return of the property to the Bruces' descendants. But the city of Manhattan Beach refuses to apologize for its actions and still has to work out details of the settlement.

“We're sitting smack dead in the center of Bruce's Beach park on the grass. …Directly in front of us is the ocean… I see people surfing, walking, smiling, enjoying… but I don't see Black people. You want us to compromise? Black people are always asked to compromise. We’re tired of it,” said Kavon Ward, a local activist working to get the Bruce family compensated.

VICE producer Julia Nutter heads to Manhattan Beach to explore the tensions playing out right now in what may be a test case of land reparations for African Americans.

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