This Guy Running For Canadian Parliament Wants Men Not to Ejaculate

The anti-ejaculation candidate is running for the People's Party of Canada, the anti-vax, anti-climate science, anti-immigration party that is somehow gaining steam in the polls.
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PPC candidate Nicholas Pereira saluting his “semen retention soldiers.” Photo via YouTube.

In a riding tucked away in one of Canada’s most forgettable provinces, you’ll find a candidate preaching about a topic sorely undercovered this election: semen retention. 

Nicholas Pereira is the People’s Party of Canada candidate in Saint John-Rothesay, New Brunswick, but on the internet, he’s known as Nakula Das, a YouTuber dedicated to making sure his followers don’t ejaculate. Pereira’s videos are of the vlog variety, typically addressed to his “semen retention army,” and at times beginning with a prompt salute to his “soldiers.” He also offers his teachings on Instagram where he posts about techniques such as “testicle breathing.” 


“Breathe deeply into your balls. Imagine your testicles expanding like lungs. When you exhale, imagine your testicles deflating like your lungs would,” the Canadian political candidate wrote in an Instagram post four weeks ago. “Most men never breathe into their balls consciously.”

In over 130 videos on his page, Pereira philosophizes about how men not orgasming is their key to a better life. He can teach his followers the true way to achieve their maximum potential—but only after they sign up for one of his webinars, of course. On Patreon, another place Pereira teaches his followers how not to ejaculate, the PPC candidate writes that he “is creating an Army of Semen Retention Practitioners” and a place “where men don’t cum to transform their lives.” Pereira also offers to teach his followers to become “sexual alchemists” who are “a powerhouse both in and outside the bedroom.” 

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A small sampling of Nicholas Pereira's YouTube page.

Semen retention is the idea that it is advantageous for men not to ejaculate, the reason for doing this varies but for many it’s in the hope abstaining will naturally increase their testosterone levels. Some in the semen retention community even look at semen in an almost spiritual light as containing a man’s essence. For others, “not fapping” is a way to combat porn addiction. The movement has, in recent years, been reportedly co-opted by misogynists and the far-right


People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier has appeared publicly with Pereira in Saint John-Rothesay—as far as VICE World News can tell, Bernier has not weighed in with his thoughts on semen retention. In August, during a campaign stop, Bernier and Pereira confronted New Brunswick Education Minister Dominic Cardy over child vaccines. During the exchange Pereira called Cardy a “piece of shit” and a “a human rights violator.” In interviews with local media, Pereira focuses on many of the PPC talking points such as ending mass immigration and, of course, rallying against vaccinations and vaccine passports. 

Almost all of the attention Pereira has received outside of New Brunswick has been focused on semen-minded ways, not his politics, which agitated the candidate. 

“The mainstream media is trying to discredit me in my political campaign using #semenretention & #nofap,” Pereira wrote on Twitter after news of his semen views came to light. “They are attacking the truth at every angle because people are waking up.” 

While those semen-retention soldiers in New Brunswick may be excited about their commander running, it’s unlikely Pereira will even get close to winning. Currently, the poll aggregator 338 has the riding going as a toss-up between the Conservatives and the Liberals. In 2019, the People’s Party of Canada candidate in Saint John-Rothesay gained 3 percent of the vote. 

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The candidates Patreon page.

While the PPC is arguably running a marginally more respectable slate of candidates this year compared to the 2019 election, there are still obvious candidates like Pereira who personify the fringe nature of the party. The party’s clear lack of vetting allows for not only goofy semen-focused YouTubers to gain important roles in the party but also those who operate in white nationalist and extreme-right spaces. This became clear last week when the Canadian Anti-Hate Network identified the director of a PPC riding association as a man who ran several neo-Nazi social media accounts. He was later tied to a protest where Trudeau was pelted with rocks

Support for the PPC has increased significantly since the 2019 election for a multitude of reasons, the biggest being the party has been riding the wave of the anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown movement. The vast majority of PPC candidates have almost zero chance of winning their seats, but could play spoiler to Conservative candidates by leaching some votes in tight races.

Thankfully, Pereira has a fallback job to go to if he doesn’t win the election.

The article previously referred to Pereira as the "NoFap candidate." The official "NoFap" website says it is not associated with Pereira and the story has been change to reflect that.

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