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Hold My Lube: LELO’s New G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator Does the Work for You

The INA Wave 2 is a sentient, do-it-all third arm that really knows how to bone.
LELO g-spot rabbit vibrator review
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When a sex toy company comes out with a new rabbit vibrator and says, LOok, sHe’s dIffErent! it's always a bit sus. What sets it apart from the rest of the herd, when the herd is made up of top-ranking toys including the Womanizer Duo (whose rabbit attachment is replaced with a clitoral suction feature), or the new, tireless Lioness rabbit vibrator that tracks your cum-trails with AI? The competition is hard. Rock hard. 


But when LELO comes out with a new toy, I listen. I grovel. Not to go overboard, but they’re one of a handful of sex toy companies that actually prioritizes quality engineering and design with their toys; one of our writers recently described their sleek new Enigma G-spot clitoral vibe as the monster jam slammer of orgasm makers, and everything they turn out is a whisper quiet, gold-accented pleasurefest. So when they came out with a new incarnation of their INA Wave rabbit vibrator, I couldn’t wait to see how they upgraded such an iconic vibrator.

$149 at Amazon
$199 at LELO
$149 at Amazon
$199 at LELO

If this is your first time in the sex toy aisle: Welcum. Rabbit vibrators may sound confusing and furry-centric (they’re not), but in their most stripped-down form, they’re just penetrative sex toys designed for people with vaginas that are one part shaft, and one part clitoral-targeting attachment (often in the shape of little “rabbit ears,” sometimes just a vibrating nub). Along with the Magic Wand and those Ben Wa balls from Fifty Shades of Grey, I’d argue that it’s one of the most canonized of sex toys in our collective, horny cultural brain.   


Sex toys are so subjective, but if you’re a fan of thrusting, edging, penetrative dildos, as well as blended orgasms (meaning: vaginal and clitoral), meet your new bestie. 

What was rad

This is some Disney-level animatronics, dude. No Universal shit. I’m used to thrusting my rabbit and wand vibrators myself, but when I got the INA to a combo of shaft and rabbit ear vibration and swinging (which I now call “Headbangers Ball”), I was surprised to see it didn’t need my hands to go to Pound Town. The range of motion is so good, and the shaft is bulbous and short enough (think: Squidward’s nose) to really fill you up, and feel like a third, ghostly arm in the best way.  

What was tricky 

Good lord, the buttons. They’re not hard to navigate, but the variety of speeds and intensities can be a little overwhelming. So many options! Most rabbit vibrators will have three buttons for power and intensity, but this baby has four. Trying to understand which ones brought me to my favorite combo (clitoral and shaft movement) was a little dizzying, so give it a test run outside of your or your partner’s vagina to get the hang of things. That being said, it is pretty sick to feel like you have a prix fixe menu of combos. 

What was WOWOWOW

Daaaaamn. Ok. How can I explain what feels ineffable? As I was starting to edge myself with the vibe a bit, pulling it slightly out mid-Headbangers Ball combo, I realized the range of motion and rhythm makes for this unique pinching (not in a crab way; in a contraction way) effect on your vaginal canal and clitoris—everything gets intensified. The orgasm edging experience is just *chef’s kiss* and the post-orgasm pull-out continues to, for lack of better words... fondle you? Try to get you off, again? 



Honestly, the INA Wave 2 is the only vibrator I’ve used that keeps every stage of your spank sesh in mind. Normally, I use a rabbit vibe, pull it out, rinse, and repeat. But the INA made me slow down, because it doesn’t get any less ~uninteresting~ for your nethers once you’ve orgasmed, and actually gets more exciting the more you toy around with penetration—hence why it also makes for such a rad self-edging toy before you hit that sweet blended orgasm. 

It's one of the most sentient vibrators I’ve tried, man. I applaud the power. I’m almost afraid of what LELO will give us next, but also, bring it. (I’ve got my Terminator shades ready.) 

The LELO INA Wave 2 is available for purchase at LELO and Amazon.

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