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The Huge Wayfair Sale Is a Good Time to Make Your Bedroom a Pleasure Palace

Way Day comes but once a year, with up to 85% off all the stuff you need for a slick, sexy, and super-upgraded bedroom.
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Stupid-hot deals on all of our favorite stuff.

Bed: It's what's for bed. And by that we mean that, to reiterate that exploding-brain factoid that we return to again and again, we spend a third of our chaotic little lives in horizontal repose in that sacred place of snoring, boning, and avoiding our problems: bed, bed, bed. It should be your haven and your throne, and if you need permission to make some upgrades, Wayfair's insurmountably giant Way Day sale is the time. We love deals! We love duvets! Some of our picks are practical, like a my-first-real-adult-bed-frame. Others are a little more imaginative, like a cow print comforter and a très vibey vase. Need basic linens? We've got you. But we're also one step ahead of ya—which is why we recommend getting a bench for the end of your bed so that you stop throwing your XXXXL sleep shirt on the floor every morning. Problems: We love to solve 'em! And this is the best bedroom furniture for doin' it (and doin' it, and doin' it well). 


We want you to feel like a grown-up, because even though the responsibilities of adulthood suck, the perks are pretty damn great. Your devoted Rec Room editors made these picks in hopes that we would offer a Pee-Wee’s-playhouse-level of inanimate sexual energy and serotonin for your bedroom, because why on Earth would you be going for anything else?  

This best-selling all season comforter is 80% off 


Photo: Wayfair

Seriously, bless the gentle Wayfair lairds for this. We’ve been meaning to cycle out our bedding for summer, so why not mix this top-rated (4.6/5 stars out of 1,428 reviews) comforter with some of the linen bundle sales happening at Brooklinen right now? Think of well you’ll sleep, whilst the rest of your city sweats in their raggedy swamp butt sheets from 2014. 

Alwyn Home All Season Microfiber Down Alternative Comforter, $119.99 $23.99 at Wayfair

A platform bed frame is step 1 to the "being an adult" starter pack 


Photo: Wayfair

[readies megaphone] Hey, bros who are still in the "mattress on floor" gang. We've been sitting at home for a year. It's time to pull it together, and we just checked the Excuses List and my dude, there's nothing left. This simple, goes-anywhere-with-everything, extremely highly rated, solid wood bed frame is only 120 bucks right now. What else do we need to say? 

Harlow Solid Wood Platform Bed, $144.99 $120.32 at Wayfair


For the more advanced bed frame owner, this Googie number


Photo: Wayfair

So maybe, for you, having a bed frame isn't just an option—it's a contact sport. And this ultra-vibey mid-century number isn't here to play. With its swooping lines, it's sort of like a trip to a 1960s drive-in with waitresses on roller skates, or a hookup sesh in the Manson-era Hollywood Hills. Either way, it's fab, and it's 54% off. 

Delreal Full Wood Platform Bed In Walnut, $976 $449.99 at Wayfair

The most elegant way to store your condoms, butt plugs, and eye masks


Photo: Wayfair

The humble nightstand doesn't get enough credit. It's our judgement-free storage spot for all the fun stuff, from sex gear to earplugs to miscellaneous artifacts we want to be decidedly off-limits to the snoops of the world. Make it a place of not only discretion, but daddy energy with this clean-lined number on super sale (50% off!). 

Parocela 2-Drawer Nightstand, $399.95 $199.99 at Wayfair

It's linen season, motherfuckers

Frazier Reversible Linen Set

Photo: Wayfair

In case you haven't heard, linen is the move. It keeps you cool, it lasts a long time, and it gives your room that rumpled, effortless, je ne sais quoi factor. It can be expensive, but this set is super highly rated and hella marked down. 

Frazier Reversible Linen 3 Piece Duvet Cover Set, $189 $133.99 at Wayfair

Cheaper than a sexxi tropical vacation 


Photo: Wayfair

We all wanna go to an expensive resort in Jamaica or whatever, OK? But we shouldn't be hitting the gas pedal on international travel quite yet, no matter how desperately we want to stay at a hotel where we can jump directly into the crystal-clear water from our room balcony. Now that our libidos are all revved up again, it's a nice time to bring home some chic 'n' sultry bedding that gets the idea across that this is a place to relaxxx


Kensett Duvet Cover Set, $119.99 $101.99 at Wayfair

For the art heaux 


Photo: Wayfair

Is it refined? Sophisticated? Tasteful? No. But is it... cool? Oh yeah. This duvet set is on-trend and has personality to spare, and we not only respect, but crave that confidence. Paint some geometric shapes on your wall and get a galaxy light. Fuck it, life's short. 

Soft Cow Printed Duvet Cover Set, $55.99 $40.99 at Wayfair

The easiest way to feel like you're a home decor influencer


Photo: Wayfair

You may not have noticed that all of those super-nice bedrooms in Architectural Digest, Domino, and the other pubs that make us home-gaze with envious wonder include one thing: a bench at the end of the bed. But once you see it, it can't be unseen. Not only does a nice end-of-bed bench add a weird sort of instant rich-person vibe, but it also serves as a practical upgrade from "the chair"—you know, that one chair in your room that just collects tote bags, mail, and dirty clothes. "The bench" is the answer, and this one also happens to be faux-leather and fly. 

Seman Faux Leather Bench, $219.99 $152.99 at Wayfair

No more amorphous hidden laundry bag


Photo: Wayfair

We’re done with that era. It’s time to properly conceal–and seal–your dirrrty clothes in a fully adult person bamboo hamper. (Note: It comes in both light and dark bamboo.)

Bay Isle Home Natural Bamboo Rectangular Hamper, $49.99 $44.99 at Wayfair


Step outta bed into furry heaven


Photo: Wayfair

We must learn from the mistakes of our ancestors, which is why our generation has decided that wall-to-wall carpeting is, generally speaking, [gavel] cursed. But we are willing to admit that starting the day by stepping into a cozy pile of shag also does feel real nice. The solution: a soft, cushy rug underfoot next to the bed. 

Geometric Shag Burnt Orange/Ivory Area Rug, Round 5'3", $121 $87.99 at Wayfair

This Noguchi lamp dupe


Photo: Wayfair

We do not live in a world of Troye Sivan’s budget (did you see his insano Architectural Digest home video tour?? RUDELY stunning). So, sadly, whilst we cannot populate our home with Akari lamps, we can go for a standing light from Wayfair that is very reminiscent of designer Isamu Noguchi’s long boi light sculptures (which otherwise go for $$$).  

Latitude Run Natural White Chevington Column Floor Lamp, $175.99 $112.94 at Wayfair

Everyone needs an errant leather pouf


Photo: Wayfair

Nothing says “I am obsessed with myself, and I am obsessed with having you in my house” like leather. It is both luxuriously sober and ~mature~ whilst retaining its musky (slutty??) appeal. We have big plans for this pouf: On weeknights, it’s the Designated Chair for Stuff, and on Saturdays it’s going to live with all our other pieces of sex furniture. Just keep the leather stain remover on-hand.  


Foundry Select Genuine Leather Round Puff Ottoman, $197.99 $154.99 at Wayfair

They’ll think you inherited this vase from some cool aunt


Photo: Wayfair

Picture this on a window ledge with eucalyptus, daisies, pampas floofs, or any one of the dried bouquets from the fae folk at Urban Stems (our favorite is The Catskill bouquet, at once evocative of fall and summer). This 1970s style vase gives us all the feels, because it reminds us of all the lava vases we’ve loved/left behind at estate sales. 

Wade Logan Ceramic Table Vase, $36.99 $27.99 at Wayfair

Let’s frame that face properly


Photo: Wayfair

We will let the Wayfairies describe this mirror to you in their own beautiful, fried turns of phrase: “This mirror features materials reminiscent of life on the prairie, with a genuine solid poplar wood frame, curved at the top for a sharp, modern touch. It's reminiscent of a traditional large cathedral window, bringing in more light to your space while making it appear brighter and more expansive.” Bring it on home to Jesus, Laura Ingalls Wilder. 

Ebern Designs Agapi Coastal Beveled Accent Mirror, $230.49 $183.49 at Wayfair

This looks like a skinned Muppet


Photo: Wayfair

And it looks GOOD. While we reckon with that fact, we’ll let you motorboat its plushy, burnt orange goodness (another true neutral mix-n-match shade), ever appreciative of the little bit of texture in the pattern. Plus: You could totally spill salsa/rub Cheeto fingers on this, and no one would know. 


Latitude Run Yvonne Throw, $46.56 $37.85 at Wayfair 

Yes! You can do the check trend in the bedroom (and make it peaceful)


Photo: Wayfair

We love that checker-print is everywhere again. We’ve been waiting for this moment ever since we got our first ska album by The Selecter. The thing about check, though [Sesame Street stoop sits] is it’s a lot of funhouse energy to bring into the most peaceful room in the house. This rug is more than half-off, and uses a super neutral color palette to give us ska-at-the-spa energy. 

Ebern Design Romola Stripes Ivory/Brown Area Rug, $1,885 $499.99 at Wayfair

Make your Tinder date feed you grapes beside this


Photo: Wayfair

We can always count on Design Toscano for an over-the-top, cursed-horny win. This is such a ridiculous item, but if you were also one of those kids obsessed with Greek history and Atlantis, we *both* know this is one of the only chances you’ll have to bring a MOFO REAL MARBLE, giant pedestal to your bedchamber for under a grand. 

Design Toscano Pedestal Plant Stand, $913.14 $627 at Wayfair

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