Daily Horoscope: July 21, 2021

Venus enters Virgo today.
July 20, 2021, 9:00pm
Robin Eisenberg

The moon in Sagittarius clashes with dreamy Neptune at 7:08 AM, which may find us contending with confusing emotions, but we’re forging ahead as the moon connects with fiery Mars at 10:96 AM. The moon connects with sweet Venus at 6:26 PM, inspiring an affectionate atmosphere. The moon enters industrious Capricorn at 6:36 PM, and we’re focused on expansion as the moon mingles with Jupiter at 7:41 PM. Venus, the planet of love, beauty and money, enters discerning earth sign Virgo at 8:37 PM! We’re sure of what we want, and presenting the best of our selves to others, too.


All times ET.


Your focus turns to your career as the moon enters Capricorn. Glamorous Venus enters earth sign Virgo today, too, inspiring you to update your wardrobe and beauty routine.


Earth signs are highlighted today as the moon enters Capricorn and Venus enters Virgo! This bodes well for you, Taurus: Things run smoothly, and a dash of love, luck, and creativity come your way!


The moon enters Capricorn, finding you and your partners having important conversations about shared resources and money. Venus enters Virgo, inspiring you to beautify your home.


The moon enters your opposite sign Capricorn today, bringing your focus to relationships. Venus enters Virgo, inspiring sweet communication. It’s a great time to exchange love letters!


The moon enters Capricorn, helping you get organized. Venus enters Virgo, bringing blessings to the financial sector of your chart. It’s a lovely time to exchange gifts!


The moon enters fellow earth sign Capricorn today, illuminating the romance and creativity sector of your chart, and you’re feeling glamorous and attractive as love and beauty planet Venus enters your sign! Enjoy!


The moon enters Capricorn, bringing your attention to home and family. Your ruling planet Venus enters Virgo, possibly finding you more shy than usual! You’re craving extra time alone and appreciative of partners who support you and give you plenty of space.


You’re in a social mood today as the moon enters Capricorn, illuminating the communication sector of your chart, plus Venus enters Virgo, finding you feeling popular!


Your focus turns to finances today as the moon enters Capricorn, and you’re feeling especially popular as Venus enters Virgo, possibly bringing some rewards or recognition your way.


The moon enters your sign today, Capricorn! It’s a great time to reflect on your emotions. Sweet Venus enters fellow earth sign Virgo, finding you especially valuing the intellectual connection you share with your partners.


Take it slow today as the moon enters Capricorn! Make time to relax and connect with your intuition. People are eager to invest in you as Venus enters Virgo.


Today is all about relationships! All your partnerships—in love, business, and community—get a boost as Venus enters your opposite sign Virgo, plus the moon enters Capricorn, activating the sector of your chart that rules your social life.

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