Jon Ossoff's Old, Normie Tweets Are Perfect for the Senate's First Millennial

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January 6, 2021, 6:16pm
Jon OPs
Image Source: Getty/Jessica McGowan

If you're doing your Georgia victory lap after last night's extremely close election, take the time to giggle at Jon Ossoff's extremely funny, old normie tweets.

Do you ever listen to a band and be like, "well they're absolutely totally fine, but I cannot figure out why they play stadiums, or what kind of a person would be a fan of theirs." That band for me is Imagine Dragons. Why is Imagine Dragons? While I'll never divine the reason why the universe allowed them to exist, I at least know the answer to the latter half of my question; it looks like Jon Ossoff, who is likely to win his Senate race in Georgia, was at least at one point a pretty active Imagine Dragons fan.

Ossoff has also tweeted about a YouTube video syncing anime footage to Les Miserables, the once popular webcomic The Oatmeal, and the Star Wars character Vice Admiral Thrawn, who was popularized by the cartoon The Clone Wars. I love all of Ossoff's old tweets. I love them because they're so familiar to me. Ossoff is 33 years old, only a couple years older than I am, which makes these tweets almost comforting. In 2013 and 2014, when most of these tweets were made, Ossoff wasn't part of one of the most important run off elections in history. He was just a guy who tweeted at Pitchfork about Imagine Dragons. After having lived through four years when most of the politicians that I think about seem like they were born in a vat specifically for the purpose of upholding the ruling class, it's comforting. And to his credit, at least one of these old tweets is a solid burn.

People on Twitter have been clowning on Ossoff's old tweets since he took the lead in his race last night, but for once, no one seems to have found anything horrifying or racist. In fact, the regularness of Jon Ossoff makes me slightly hopeful about the coming year. Finally, we have a senator who cares about the actions of Vice Admiral Thrawn. Seeing his totally normal online history is a sign of good things to come; we are entering an age where having a Twitter history is just normal, even for Senators.It's nice to imagine that even during one of the most stressful periods in recent political history, that Ossoff might have let his thoughts wander into the lore of The Clone Wars, like I sometimes do.