Okay, Let's Talk About Aliens

On this week’s CYBER, we’re talking alien invasions and Iowa caucuses implosions.
February 7, 2020, 11:15am

It’s finally here. Our very first episode on aliens. And we know it’s slightly off brand for CYBER listeners, but who needs cybersecurity if aliens exist? Or if they invade? Suddenly phishing emails and Russian hackers would rank very low on your list of concerns. Whatever they are or could be, here at Motherboard we have one of the best reporters on the UFO beat, on the planet: MJ Banias.

Since a 2017 New York Times bombshell report on a secretive Department of Defense program investigating the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (a story that included mentions of “alien alloys” and one very, very creepy video featuring a glowing disk), many people have looked at aliens differently: Could they actually be real?

Banias’ reporting has led the way, showing readers that aliens aren’t just the domain of conspiracy theorists with tinfoil hats. For example, he pulled the curtain back on the infamous Skinwalker Ranch, carefully examined the role of Blink 182 frontman Tom Delonge and his work in the UFO community and broke stories on Top Secret Pentagon files concerning UFOs.

But Banias has always treated these stories with the same textbook journalistic skepticism and analysis you’d see from any reporter on any beat, which makes his work on one of the most outlandish topics—all the more striking.

This week he sits down as the key interviewee for CYBER to talk about all things aliens.