We Found the Profile of an Accused Member of a Neo-Nazi Terror Cell on a Dating Site for Racists

On January 16, Brian M. Lemley Jr., a suspected member of the neo-Nazi terror cell The Base, was arrested alongside two others. His dating profile is something else.
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Screenshots via Wasp Love

We are all creatures that hunger for love.

But when you’re a Nazi—or a neo-Nazi, or a white nationalist, or a Christian identitarian—chances are your dating pool is rather limited. Enter Wasp Love, the OKCupid for racists. The website is well-known among the horny far-right, and features a wide range of racists trying to get some. In that vast pool you’ll find one Brian M. Lemley Jr. 33, one of the recently arrested men allegedly tied to the neo-Nazi terror group The Base.


“Hello ladies. Feast your eyes upon a man who has rejected modernity and is in rebellion against the modern world,” reads the intro to Lemley's dating profile.

Lemley’s username is UniversalOrder—a reference to a group founded by Charles Manson and the notorious neo-Nazi James Mason. According to an activity log linked to his account, Lemley last used the account two months ago.

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The profile offers us an oddly intimate glimpse into the world of the accused neo-Nazi’s private life. For example, we learn he is a father of one who works as a trucker and keeps a paleo diet. Under the “want children” section Lemley, put Quiverfull, which means he believes it's his Christian duty to have as many children as possible. (Neo-Nazis often believe they must have as many white children as they can.)

Lemley was arrested on January 16 alongside William G. Bilbrough IV and Patrik Mathews. All three are accused of being tied to the neo-Nazi terror group The Base and face a litany of charges revolving around the creation of a fully automatic assault rifle and the transportation and harbouring of Mathew, who was in the United States illegally.

Mathews, a former member of the Canadian reserve, became infamous in the summer when the Winnipeg Free Press ran an investigation that outed him as a member of the Base. Mathews would go on the run shortly after the story came out. A criminal complaint filed against him alleges he jumped the border to the States where he met with Bilbrough and Lemely who harboured him. Lemley is facing charges of transporting and harbouring aliens and conspiring to do so, transporting a machine gun, and disposing of a firearm and ammunition to an alien unlawfully present in the United States. He faces a lengthy prison sentence if found guilty.


VICE was able to confirm the account is in fact Lemley's by comparing photos posted by family members on Facebook to the one posted on the dating profile.

At one point in the dating profile, Lemley describes to his potential love interests how “he has his shit together,” claiming to have “his own apartment” and a truck. As the criminal complaint confirms, Lemley does indeed have "his own apartment," but he failed to mention it was one he was allegedly renting and sharing with Mathews, an accused neo-Nazi on the run from authorities.

“For a woman, I’d prefer some evidence of being intelligent and capable. Ive had enough of the useless and stupid variety..its all so tiresome [sic],” demands Lemley of his partner. “I’ll read one of your books if you’ll read one of mine.”

Twice in the profile, Lemley describes his political views as 88 or 1488, referencing neo-Nazi slogans. The 33-year-old says he’s into “Firearms , Hunting , Stock Trading, Audiobooks, Cookint, [sic] Reading.” He makes a good living as a trucker but says he works a lot.

“Usually come home just long enough to eat dinner, screw around for an hour or so and go to bed,” reads the profile. “I'm available every weekend.”

Lemley has two friends on the site; both are women whose profiles could only be described as “catfishy.” “My only place in politics is supporting my husband,” reads one of the profiles. “I am a young woman in her 20’s looking for life long love with a strong white man,” reads the other.

At one point Lemley seems to allude to his alleged ties to The Base, saying, “I am politically active and I do train and prep for an uncertain future.” The only thing Lemely posted to the dating site was a Holocaust meme he put up two months ago. He was a member of one group, the National Socialists of Wasp Love. (The group just seems to be a bunch of men sharing Nazi memes.)

We were not able to confirm if Lemley was able to get any dates from the site, but VICE spoke to a user of Wasp Love several years ago who said it was a hard site to find a match on because there were “very few women on here.” VICE has reached out to Wasp Love for comment and this story will be updated if we hear back.

Correction, 2:53 p.m.: An earlier version of this story referred to Lumley as divorced, whereas his dating-site profile refers to him as "Single-never married."