Australia Today

We Went to the Australian Open and Asked Everyone How Much Money They Make

Obviously there's tennis happening, too.
A woman holds a microphone at The Australian Open
It's us but at the Australian Open

Australia’s annual festival of… tennis… launched at the start of the year just like it always does: thousands of people, in Melbourne, watching two other people hit a ball at each other over a net. And what a scene all of that is / was / continues to be.

And yet…

Ever the intrepid explorers of “other shit to talk about”, the VICE team scored some tickets for ourselves and decided to tag along and Ask The Audience a few questions. Mostly: What do you do for a living? And: How much do you make?


A plumber who makes more money than everyone.

A lucky guy whose girlfriend’s family bought his ticket.

And a lot of people who, for some reason, were all headed to Monash Uni this year. We’re still not sure of that coincidence.

Anyway, take 90 seconds out of your boring day at work and check it out below.