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How to Enter to Win a Free Tesla (and Ditch Your Fixie)

Wanna be one of those smug Tesla owners? (Same... sorry.) Personal Capital is giving away a Model 3 to one lucky winner.
Ian Burke
Brooklyn, US
How to Enter to Win a Free Tesla (and Ditch Your Fixie)
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These days, gas isn’t cheap—in fact, prices are downright exorbitant. That got us thinking: Wouldn’t it be sick if we could just, you know, win a free electric car? And not just any car, but a car with self-driving capabilities, a sentry security mode, a dog mode, and a touchscreen dashboard that would have made Steve Jobs sob with envy over its elegant minimalism? We’re talking, of course, about Teslas. Regardless of your feelings on Elon Musk, they’re about as high-tech as cars get—but, like everything else, they’re pretty damn expensive.


Well, we’ve got news for aspiring Tesla drivers—Personal Capital is giving away one Tesla Model 3, completely free.  

You may be wondering, I want a Tesla, but WTF is Personal Capital and what happens if I sign up for it in hopes of getting a free, fancy car? Personal Capital is a financial management app and company whose goal is to “give you a better, more logical, and personal way to invest and manage your money,” and the brand’s free (and secure) online financial tools are used by 3.3 million U.S. households and 12 million people combined. 

While we’re talking about gas prices and inflation and all of that scary stuff happening with money, it’s wise to take a moment and ponder whether you could be managing yours better. If you sign up today (even just in hopes of snagging a Tesla), you can also take advantage of the various services Personal Capital provides, including reviewing your cash flow and budgeting for mid-term savings goals, analyze your portfolio to optimize your investments based on your risk tolerance—big words, we know, but they’ll walk you through it—plan for long-term goals, such as buying a house or saving for retirement, and getting a real-time look at your net worth (though, we might skip that last part, so as to not become horribly depressed). 

So, all you need to do to enter for a chance to win that new electric whip is sign up for Personal Capital’s free financial tools. Members get one entry for every eligible account you link, and you can link up to 20 accounts—that means 20 chances to win a Tesla Model 3, the best-selling plug-in vehicle on the market. 

We hope you’re the lucky one. See you at the charging station. 

Enter for a chance to win a brand-new Tesla Model 3 here at Personal Capital. 

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