Monthly Horoscopes: Taurus, May 2022

Happy solar return, dear Taurus!
Taurus and Gemini
Robin Eisenberg

The sun is in your sign, Taurus, which means it’s your birthday season! The sun in Taurus inspires celebration and can be a reinvigorating time of year for you. While it’s an exciting moment to plan for the future, it can also find you eager to simply be…to connect with the present moment, to experience life sensually, peacefully, and fully. Exciting possibilities are unfolding before you, but first, feeling rooted, nourished, and secure where you’re currently at may be your first priority. 


May opens with glamorous Venus in Pisces making a helpful connection with Pluto in Capricorn on May 1, finding you socializing with exciting and powerful people! Deep conversations about your values, goals, and dreams can take place. Your ruling planet Venus enters Aries on May 2, which brings a big shift in energy: You may feel more introspective, private, or even shy, craving time with your lovers away from prying eyes! With Venus in Aries, you’re especially appreciative of people who respect your independence, with whom you can have comfortable moments of silence, and who know how to be discreet. You may be craving a little mystery at this time: A crush who is hard to get a hold of might pique your interest. In established relationships, you may be eager to run off on a secret getaway together!

An especially creative day this month is May 3, when Jupiter in Pisces connects with Pluto in fellow earth sign Capricorn. An exciting development could be taking place in your social life, and an important journey may find you experiencing the world in a whole new way. You may learn a new point of view that transforms your outlook.

Mars in Pisces connects with Uranus, which is currently in your sign, Taurus, on May 4, finding you connecting with a group or community to make change in the world. You could link up with some unusual people or share some novel ideas at this time. Between lucky Jupiter connecting with transformative Pluto and action planet Mars connecting with experimental Uranus, this is an exciting time for progress. This theme continues as the sun and Uranus meet in your sign on May 5: You could be making some surprising changes or experimenting with a new idea. The mood on May 6 is also quite playful as Mercury in Gemini mingles with Venus, inspiring creativity, flirty banter, and easygoing attitudes. The sun connects with Mars on May 7, inspiring courage, confidence, and determination! Tauruses have a reputation for being sweet and gentle, but your tough side may shine through at this time!


Mercury retrograde begins on May 10 in air sign Gemini! Mercury retrogrades are famous for frustrating delays and miscommunications, but they do serve an important function: making people to slow down! As a chill earth sign, you know the value of going at a reasonable pace and taking breaks. We can’t live life rushing ahead 24/7. We need time to marinate in ideas! Without rest, we’ll burn out. With that said, astrologers typically advise against making travel plans, buying important purchases, or signing contracts at this time, and for you, Taurus, this particular Mercury retrograde finds you rethinking how you deal with money or financial concerns. Be mindful of having your keys, phone, and wallet: Mercury retrograde could mean misplacing things, though you may also find something you previously lost since!

Also on May 10, lucky planet Jupiter enters Aries, finding you exploring unexpected places and learning new things about yourself. This is a powerful time for any sort of inner work and therapy as Jupiter in Aries can help you explore your psyche in a profound way. Jupiter in Aries also calls you to carve out more time to rest: Relaxing in a big theme! You may be setting important boundaries, especially at work or with the public, on May 15 as the sun squares off with Saturn. You could be taking on a new responsibility or realizing that a certain duty needs more of your attention. Also on May 15, the sun mingles with dreamy Neptune in Pisces, finding you connecting with inspiring people, and making a wish or reflecting on a hope for the future. It’s a lovely moment to make a vision board or journal about what you hope to manifest.


The lunar eclipse in your opposite sign Scorpio takes place on May 16, marking a significant turning point in your relationships. A deeper commitment may be taking place, but you may also choose to part ways. What feels like a fated meeting could occur, and while your love life and romantic relationships are a big focus at this time, this eclipse could mean significant introductions and transformations in relationships of all kinds: creative collaborations, business partnerships, friendships, and more. Eclipses often find us learning a new perspective, and you may discover something new about someone you team up with.

The energy is a touch low, lazy, or indulgent as Mars and Neptune meet on May 18! You may find yourself connecting with especially creative or inspiring people, though you may also cross paths with folks whose ideas might be a touch unrealistic. Find ways to stay grounded! Connect with friends who you enjoy art with, or with whom you can talk about spirituality, fantasies, and your feelings. The sun connects with Pluto on May 19, finding you learning something or visiting a place that changes your point of view. Also on May 19, Mercury retrograde connects with Jupiter: Big ideas are shared, but watch out for exaggerations!

Gemini season begins on May 20, finding the sun illuminating the sector of your chart that rules money, security, comfort, and your belongings, and you may have an epiphany about these themes as the sun meets Mercury retrograde on May 21. Mars connects with Pluto on May 22, inspiring a hugely passionate atmosphere. Passion can manifest on a physical level, but also an intellectual one: A message you share can have great impact at this time.


Also on May 22, Mercury retrogrades back in your sign, Taurus, which can find you revisiting past conversations and ideas. You may be reconsidering a decision or reconnecting with someone. On May 23, the sun connects with lucky Jupiter, inspiring a sunny, easygoing attitude, and Mercury retrograde connects with Mars, inspiring spontaneity while encouraging patience and long-term planning as your ruling planet Venus connects with Saturn on May 24. Mercury retrograde might mean that many of the ideas that are shared at this time will be reworked in a significant way once the retrograde is over. Venus and Saturn’s connection encourages you to get clear on your values and boundaries: When these changes are discussed, you can feel solid about which direction you want things to go, even if things work out a little differently then planned!

Action planet Mars enters Aries on May 24, which may find you eager to cut ties with the past. Aries is all about independence, and action planet Mars in this sign won’t settle for restrictive circumstances. You may be especially sensitive about people gathering behind your back: Don’t jump to conclusions about whether people are whispering about you, but do reflect on whether you feel like you can trust people, as that’s what really needs to be addressed. On May 25, Mercury retrograde mingles with Pluto, which can find you thinking back to April 28: Research from then may feel relevant now, or you may be revisiting a deep and profound conversation that took place around that time.

Venus squares off with Pluto on May 27, stirring up intense feelings! Themes like jealousy or greed may come to the surface, but you may be unsure of what you want, and experiencing such heavy emotions can be quite confusing when you’re still working out what it is you desire. Take it slow, don’t make decisions in haste, and if you feel like someone is pressuring you, set boundaries and call for backup! You don’t have to handle difficult people alone. A shift in energy arrives as Venus enters your sign, Taurus, on May 28. With your ruling planet Venus in your sign, you can begin to feel much more certain about what you want and desire. You may also feel quite charming and attractive! This is an exciting time to make introductions and connect with partners, and Mars meets Jupiter on May 29, bringing an energetic boost to your social life.

The new moon in Gemini takes place on May 30, activating the financial sector of your chart. New moons symbolize the start of a new cycle, and this one can find you taking a new approach to money, reworking your budget, organizing your belongings, and on an emotional level, reconsidering what you need in order to feel secure and comfortable. A gift may come your way, and you could be tapping into a new source of income, raising your rates, and generally thinking about how to boost wealth and abundance! The new moon in chatty Gemini can find you making some exciting negotiations.

Good luck this month, Taurus, and see you in June!