Daily Horoscope: April 24, 2022

The moon enters Pisces today.
Robin Eisenberg

The moon spends most of the day in intellectual air sign Aquarius. Something exciting and unexpected is taking place as the moon clashes with Uranus, the planet of surprises, at 2:35 AM. Agreements are changing as messenger planet Mercury clashes with Saturn, the planet of commitments, at 9:49 AM.

Everything is smoothed over or forgotten as Mercury connects with Neptune, the planet of dreams, at 6:37 PM. Look out for feelings of loneliness, but be ready for duty as the moon meets with Saturn, the planet of responsibilities, at 7:33 PM. Conversations are invigorated and perhaps pointy as the moon clashes with Mercury at 8:33 PM. Look out for misunderstandings. Healing and inner peace come naturally as the moon enters water sign Pisces at 6:14 PM.


All times ET.

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The moon moves through your chart’s social sector, putting you in the mood to network. Look out for internet arguments. People are feeling very ignored, isolated, and desperate for attention—don’t let miserable people online pull you down to their level! The moon clashes with Mercury, changing your understanding and perspective.


Your understanding of your responsibilities and the role you play are changing as Mercury clashes with serious Saturn. You have to address the elephant in the room, which takes a little effort. You’re expressing yourself with intelligence and able to appeal to everyone as Mercury connects with Neptune.


You’re deep in thought about your worldview as your planetary ruler Mercury clashes with Saturn, which can lead to some changes that are metaphysical. Or maybe you’re trying to go far away and meeting some restrictions. There’s some confusion in the air as Mercury connects with Neptune, the planet of illusions. It’s hard to say what’s real!


The moon moves through a very sensitive sector of your chart, which could find you overthinking tings. You’re concerned with what other people do or don’t have—beware of projection! Mercury connects with dreamy Neptune and a lot of what you are seeing is an illusion; the mind plays tricks. Undo some of your hard-learned stances.



Mercury clashes with Saturn and connects with Neptune, and the next chapter of commitment in your relationships begins. Forgiveness and peace are made, despite any hard feelings. The moon meets with Saturn, which finds us confronting limitations and boundaries. All good things need a good container. Create space and time to process your feelings alone.


Your planetary ruler Mercury clashes with Saturn, which finds you changing your schedule and routine. It might not be what you were expecting, but you’re putting in the effort! You’re taking an astute vibe check of your relationships as Mercury connects with Neptune, cluing you into other people’s beliefs and visions.


The moon in fellow air sign Aquarius connects you to your social ties. You might feel like you don’t fit in as the moon meets with Saturn, the rebel of the zodiac. Art, music, and sex are ways to get more comfortable in your skin. You’re learning more about how much other people can or cannot provide as the moon clashes with Mercury, pushing you to make a choice.


There are some deep-seated concerns to talk about as messenger Mercury clashes with Saturn, the planet of boundaries. You’re clearing up where you stand with others, and some things are changing. Everyone wants to be respected, and something practical needs to happen in order to feel like there is harmony in relationships. Remember to stay kind.



Mercury, the planet of communication, connects with dreamy Neptune, which might find you distracted from your tasks. Ask for help, or a little breathing room, if you’re up against a deadline. The moon meets serious Saturn, which can make you much more aware of time restrictions and written commitments.


You can feel like your buttons are being pushed as messenger Mercury clashes with your planetary ruler Saturn, provoking you to set firmer boundaries and change your goals. If that sounds too confrontational, don’t worry: You can smooth things over as Mercury harmonizes with dreamy Neptune, making forgiveness feel effortless.


Mercury clashes with your planetary ruler Saturn, inviting you to vocalize your limits or express things that are might feel private or taboo. Mercury also connects with dreamy Neptune, and you’re inspired by material objects. Talking to an imaginary friend, or imagining what someone might say by looking at their photo or representation, can be a way to find forgiveness.


Mercury, the planet of the mind, connects with your modern planetary ruler Neptune, helping you take certain beliefs to task. Apply yourself in a way that inspires and heals. Conversations are illuminating, and maybe even supernatural at this time! Under these skies, you’re figuring out how to put more abstract concepts and intuitions into concrete messages.