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Monthly Horoscope: Capricorn, October 2020

Freedom is an especially important theme for you at this time, dear Capricorn.
October 1, 2020, 12:18pm
Libra and Scorpio
Robin Eisenberg

Libra season is here, and the sun is shining down on the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation, making this an exciting time to connect with the public, and to receive recognition and rewards for your hard work.

Your legacy is important to you, dear Capricorn, and that’s precisely what you’re focused on this Libra season, especially during the full moon in Aries on October 1, when your attention turns to your home and family life—you’re releasing the past and making big plans for the future. You may be moving at this time or experiencing a change in your living situation. This is also an important moment to reflect on your boundaries and themes like privacy and security. You’re in the spotlight so much during Libra season, so having a safe place to retreat is very important.


Love and money planet Venus enters fellow earth sign Virgo on October 2, bringing blessings from abroad. You may connect with a long distance love or plan your next trip with your boo (stay safe!). Venus in Virgo also finds you reconnecting with your spiritual purpose, exploring how you can share your gifts with the world. Libra is the sign of balance, and justice is on your mind as Venus in thoughtful Virgo finds you contemplating the “right thing” to do in each situation!

Pluto ends its retrograde in your sign, Capricorn, on October 4, stirring up an intensity within you: You’re feeling a drastic need for change, to totally revolutionize your life. Communication planet Mercury, currently in Scorpio, opposes wildcard Uranus in Taurus on October 7, bringing unexpected news and drama in your social life. Watch out for tempers as Mars retrograde in Aries clashes with Pluto on October 9. Anger at home may arise, and you’re feeling ready to sever yourself from the past. The atmosphere changes on October 10 as Venus mingles with Uranus, bringing a lighter, effervescent energy after a few days of tension. Creativity and experimentation are in the air. Romance also flows, but it’s not the mushy, sentimental kind—it’s sassy and free-spirited!

Spiritual breakthroughs take place as the sun clashes with Jupiter in Capricorn on October 11 and Jupiter connects with Neptune in Pisces on October 12. Yes, the sun’s clash with Jupiter may find people’s egos inflated, but you’re a humble person, Capricorn, and I think you can tap into the energy of greatness and expansion without letting it go to your head. Recognition in your career arrives, and it was hard-won! Jupiter’s connection with Neptune is lovely for communication and the healing power of words, through journaling or a deep conversation with a trusted friend. Also on October 12, Mercury connects with Venus, bringing a fun, easygoing energy to your friendships and relationships.


An important moment arrives during Mars’s retrograde journey on October 13 when it opposes the sun, finding you separating yourself from expectations you or your family had about your career and place in the world. Also on October 13, Mercury retrograde begins in Scorpio, finding you running into friends from your past and rethinking your future goals. Mercury retrograde can bring miscommunications and delays, and it isn’t a great time to travel, sign contracts, or make important purchases. Instead, now is the time to slow down, reflect, and rest!

Be mindful of power struggles, especially in your career, as the sun clashes with Pluto on October 15. Fortunately, a new moon in Libra wipes the slate clean concerning your career and reputation on October 16: A new journey begins in your public life!

Disappointments and rejections are in the air as the sun clashes with Saturn and Venus opposes Neptune on October 18, but a very different energy flows only the next day, October 19, as Mars clashes with Jupiter, returning the pep to your step. Plus, Venus connects with Jupiter, bringing romance, optimism, and generosity. Surprising news also arrives on this day as Mercury retrograde opposes Uranus—think back to October 7, as similar themes come up for discussion.

A powerful moment for deep bonding in your relationships takes place as Venus connects with Pluto on October 21. Venus is all about desire, but Pluto is the planet of hidden things: Secret wishes are explored. The sun enters Scorpio on October 22, illuminating the friendship sector of your chart, and making this a great time to connect with friends, network, and get involved in groups and organizations that share your hobbies or vision for the future.

Solid conversations and commitments are made as Venus connects with Saturn on October 24—but remember that Mercury is retrograde, so many plans will end up shifting as more information is discovered, especially on October 25 as the sun meets Mercury, revealing an important perspective. Mercury and Venus enter Libra on October 27, bringing blessings to the career sector of your chart, and finding you revisiting conversations about your work or future plans that began last month.

A full moon in fellow earth sign Taurus arrives on October 31, and the sun opposes Uranus, revealing unexpected information. A conversation that’s been building reaches an important climax at this time, and the results will likely be unusual. Keep an open mind! Full moons are all about release, and freedom is an especially important theme at this time.

Good luck this month, Capricorn, and see you in November!