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Plug into the Sci-Fi-R&B of Evy Jane's 'Breaking' Album

The Vancouver singer has made a record that sounds like tears in rain.
October 20, 2016, 5:03pm

Cyberpunk fiction and R&B haven't really shared the same room, which is weird. After all, didn't the Blade Runner soundtrack have its fair share of sultry sax and moodiness? Evy Jane may be seeking to bridge that gap with her new album Breaking, and it doesn't stop at the neon-hued cover art. The Vancouver singer has allegiances with the electronic world, as collabs with Ratking's Sporting Life​ and the esteemed Ninja Tune label show, and that pedigree informs her chilly but passionate music, full of orchestral swells and lonely synths.


"This album represents a form of me I had been trying to set free. It is my 'Vancouver' album," explains Evy Jane. "I almost want to call it a mixtape. It is rainstorm music -- a great soundtrack for being emo/walking around in the rain under an umbrella. I reference nature and technology, identity and oblivion. The micro and macro of shape-shifting love. It is not a debut in my mind but a work that brings me closer toward embodying my dreams rather than my fears." Stream Breaking below.

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