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Watch Michael C Hall's Stirring Tribute to David Bowie at the Mercury Prize 2016

The star of Bowie's musical performed "Lazarus."

(Above photo by JMEnternational​)

For anyone who only knows Michael C. Hall from his crime drama past, you might be wondering why the star of Dexter performed a Bowie tribute at the Mercury Prize 2016 last night. But the American actor has since become the lead of the late Thin White Duke's musical Lazarus, one of the last projects Bowie worked on before his death, and has impersonated the icon on many previous occasions.

Last night Hall performed "Lazarus", backed up with a full band. If you close your eyes and clean the wax out of your ears, you can almost imagine that it's Bowie doing the singing. Which is weird, but also nice in its own way. Watch below: