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Brampton's TOBi Dances Through the Ferns in His "Deeper" Video

You may think of "Hotline Bling" at first, but there's more going on here.

TOBi is a Brampton singer/rapper with a quirky, instantly identifiable voice and sophisticated production behind him. Fresh off this summer FYi EP, he's released a video for EP track "Deeper." It's an artfully colourful affair, with TOBi's charisma on camera leading the way through his dance moves and the song's smoothness.

"I've been writing songs and poetry since I was 8 years old as a fresh Nigerian immigrant, yet I still feel like a rookie," says TOBi. "The anxiety, uncertainty and distant clouds are clearing up and I'm really liking where I'm at musically. I really wanted to show the world my passion and ability to sing, rhyme, AND dance. So this video was really a way for me to just let loose and have fun with it." Watch the "Deeper" video below.

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