Angry Gods Drag Us Out to 'The Clearing' to Do God Knows What with Us

Stream the searing new album from these Chicago sludgecore demigods.
August 11, 2016, 3:00pm

In Cormac McCarthy novels, the Coen brothers’ Miller’s Crossing, and David Chase’s The Sopranos, the woods are a setting of man-made violence and death. The quietude, the unnervous stillness and implicit isolation affords bloodlust-afflicted writers with a naturally forbidding and foreboding locale to put audiences at unease. When a one enters this place in such subversive art forms, the likelihood of survival always seems unlikely.

Little wonder then that Chicago sludgecore act Angry Gods might find themselves musically trudging along that same footpath into dread and despair. Aptly named, The Clearing lingers over those final steps towards the inevitable, with crunching guitar riffs and primal vocals conveying the horror of it all.

Even without gruff prose or stark visuals, The Clearing brings all the necessary nasty sentiments in just vibe and mood, be that in the desperate d-beat gallop of “Fixed Position” or the ominous overdriven strums of “Slow Burn.” At the end of “Greyscale,” you can even hear what sounds like a bucolic death march, or the calm retreat from one. You’re in the hands of Angry Gods, and you’ll be lucky to make it out of the forest unharmed.

Listen to The Clearing below. The album is out this Friday August 11 on Hip Kid Records and Kid Sister Everything.

Angry Gods/Moral Void Fall Tour:

9/9/16 - Chicago, IL

9/10/16 - Peoria, IL

9/11/16 - Cincinnati, OH

9/12/16 - Nashville, TN

9/13/16 - Charlotte, NC

9/14/16 - Richmond, VA

9/15/16 - New York City, NY

9/16/16 - Philadelphia, PA

9/17/16 - Pittsburgh, PA

9/18/16 - Detroit, MI