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Cam'ron's Clothing Line Is Exactly What You'd Expect, and Model Walk-Off Is Fashion's Octagon

Here's a brief run-down of what's happening in the internet fashion realm: Cam'ron is making hysterically offensive T-shirts, the Eyes Wide Shut stylist committed suicide due to financial problems, and Model Walk-Off is an online cage match for...
March 19, 2014, 9:19pm

While we at VICE toil to bring you stories about prostitute-managed fashion labels in São Paulo, transvestites wearing bikinis made out of rats, Japanese kids who inject bagels into their faces, and photo shoots set in suburban tower blocks in Russia, deep down we know that, really, all you want is fashion's TL;DR. That's why we created Tidbits, a regular column that aggregates the dumbest, weirdest, and funniest stuff we see, watch, hear, or read in the fashion part of the internet.



Killa Cam (a.k.a. the best member of Dipset) released a collaboration with LA streetwear label Dope today. While the small line of basic black tees and caps is nowhere near as impressive as his new cape collection with Mark McNairy, at least the designs are not so obnoxious that you can’t find a way to wear them on the day-to-day. Which is especially great if you have the balls to wear a shirt with the phrase “YO I ADVISE YOU TO STEP SON FORE I FUCK YOUR MOMS MAKE YOU MY STEP SON” sprawled out on the chest. We expect all the hypebeasters to bust a nut over this collection, which is online at the Dope store for the next 24 hours—so go on an’ git it now. Or if you’re in LA, stop by Dope Fairfax today from 3 to 4 PM to see Cam in person. We expect to receive pics of Juju’s butt at tomorrow in return for letting you know about today’s event.


L'Wren Scott, New York fashion designer and beau of Mick Jagger, was found dead on Monday in her home on the West Side of Manhattan. Her body was found hanging by a scarf by the 49-year-old's assistant, who just an hour and a half before had been instructed to meet her at the apartment. Her death has been ruled a suicide. News of her passing came as a shock and just weeks after she mysteriously called off her fall/winter 2014 runway show due to "production problems." But this morning the reason behind her sudden cancelation became clear, as it was revealed that the designer was $7 million in debt at the time of her passing. It's a shame to have lost a legend like L'Wren Scott—watching the orgy scene in Eyes Wide Shut will now not only be creepy and uncomfortably erotic but also insanely depressing, as we'll forever be forced to remember that the world not only lost a great designer but an amazing wardrobe stylist as well. R.I.P.


This week, launched Model Walk-Off, an online video poll that allows fashionistas to vote for which of two really skinny bitches walked down the runway best. On March 28, after each round has been tallied, the top walkers will go head-to-head in order to win something—we’re not entirely sure what they’ll win if anything tangible at all, but we have some pretty strong theories. Option one: They receive the right to call themselves “THE BEST MODEL IN THE WORLD." Option two: The winner receives a really great gift like some wildly expensive leg-and-foot butter made of decadent items such as whale sperm and blood diamonds. Or, option three, our favorite scenario: They get the opportunity to enter the Thunderdome with the OG catwalk queen, Naomi Campbell; they fight to the death, and that horse-stompin' diva wins. Two enter; only Naomi leaves!