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VICE Premiere: 'Baby Love' Easter Music Video

“Baby Love” is a brilliant new music video combining Easter symbols—eggs, bunnies, and Jesus—with blasphemous images of an Italian porn star.
April 20, 2014, 7:54pm

Every day people send us emails about their terrible fashion lines and abstract rap music videos, but today God blessed us, and we woke up to an email about “Baby Love,” the artist Actually Huizenga's brilliant new music video set to a Cicciolina cover from the upcoming Viking Angel EP. The video combines iconic Easter symbols—eggs, bunnies, and Jesus—with blasphemous images, like footage of Cicciolina. “I wanted to make something that made me happy the way Victorian, romantic Easter cards, 40s holiday-themed pin-ups, and Cicciolina, in all ways, make me feel,” Actually told us. After watching the video on repeat, we can assure you that she succeeded and her Easter bunny mindfuck will make you feel like an Easter-themed, Italian porno.