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Watch Kelly Osbourne Reimagine ‘Jem and the Holograms’ in Double Duchess's New Video

In J.B. Ghuman Jr.'s new music video for Double Duchess's “Good Girl Freakout,” Kelly Osbourne wears a huge purple wig and jumps rope with another girl's braid against a throbbing queer electro-hop beat.

Between her stint on The Osbournes and her cult classic album Shut Up, Kelly Osbourne was destined to become a gay icon. This weekend, she cements this status in the new music video for Double Duchess's “Good Girl Freakout.”

Against the band's throbbing queer electro-hop beat, Osbourne reimagines the 1980s cartoon Jem and the Holograms, wearing a huge purple wig and jumping rope with another girl's braid. Her antics won't surprise people familiar with Double Duchess. Krylon Superstar and davO have been making purposefully campy music  together as Double Duchess since 2012, and for this music video, they collaborated with their friend J.B. Ghuman Jr., the brilliant gay filmmaker behind Spork.

“As retarded as it sounds, I tend to make things based on my dreams,” Ghuman said in a statement.

He first met Krylon at an art gallery, and after he became friends with Krylon and davO, he decided to make a music video for their new song. They contacted Osbourne, and after she read the treatment and listened to the music, she told Ghuman, “Bitch, I'm in.” And thank the gay Gods she was down to jump rope while wearing that big, funky wig.