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Cry-Baby of the Week

This week: A woman who tried to ruin a guy's life because he broke up with her versus some people who want to evict a guy for being disabled.

It's time once again to marvel at people who don't know how to handle the world:

Cry-Baby #1: Quin Woodward Pu

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The incident: A man decided he no longer wanted to see a woman he had been on two dates with.

The appropriate response: Getting back on Tinder.

The actual response: The woman screencapped explicit text messages the man had sent to her and forwarded them to his employer in an effort to get him fired.


Quin Woodward Pu (pictured above), a 26-year-old aspiring writer from DC, recently met a guy at a bar. They exchanged contact details and arranged to meet up. They went for dinner and drinks.

According to Quin, "We had relatively good chemistry, but then, I kinda have chemistry with pretty much everyone, because I really like talking to people and winning over complete strangers."

They decided to meet up again the following weekend and went for dinner again. Pleased with how these two dates had gone, Quin invited the guy to her birthday party.

Then tragedy struck. The guy sent Quin a message telling her that he wasn't interested in carrying on their relationship:

Hi. Listen I had fun on Sat but quite honestly I am in a state of flux right now and not really looking for a relationship. Sorry to be a downer before your birthday but I have no doubt you'll move on quickly as you are a funny, smart, cool girl! Good luck.

Speaking of the moment that she received this polite and reasonable text: on her blog, Quin said, "I was stunned into paralysis. I had no words–this never happens–and I just felt short of breath."

So she did what any reasonable, entitled, narcissistic egomaniac would do in her position: She tried to ruin the guy's life. This is the text she sent back to him (all sic):

"thanks for your consideration about ruining my bday. as a 25 year old with two books and a condo, the relationship i planned between us after two dates was to be the highlight of my life. though unsolicited and completely unrequited, i thought the taxpayer-funded sexts from your agency blackberry were sweet, but your executive committee may think the screenshots of your messages i sent to them are a little cheesy. obviously i am but 'a girl,' hysterical with emotions bound to fall in love with you after we spent a collective 20 hours together. actually, sorry; i'm a woman. a girl would be that nine your old you have back home, who will one day probably date a female-infantilizing, self-aggrandizing disaster like you. good luck, indeed."


So far, there hasn't been any update on whether or not the man's employers took any action as a result of the "sexts" Quin sent over.

It should be noted that the two published books Quin refers to in her text as a measure of her success were self-published. And therefore do not count.

Cry-Baby #2: The Chattanooga Housing Authority

The incident: A wheelchair-bound man scratched the walls of his Section 8 apartment with his wheelchair, because the apartment was too narrow for him to properly navigate.

The appropriate response: For the housing authority to move the disabled man to a more suitable apartment.

The actual response: They are attempting to evict him, which will make him homeless.

Four years ago, 51-year-old Jeffrey Henson was diagnosed with Cerebellar Degeneration, a diseases that affects the part of the brain which controls muscle coordination and balance.

It's hereditary and has already killed his brother and father.

As a result of the disease, Jeffrey is confined to an electric wheelchair. He also has trouble talking.

He lives in a Section 8 apartment in a public housing project called the Mary Walker Towers in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The apartment has some handicap-accessible features, but is too narrow for Jeffrey's wheelchair to easily navigate. His chair has scraped the walls, doors, and door frames of the apartment as he's struggled to make his way around. Because of this, the Chattanooga Housing Authority sent Jeffrey an eviction notice, telling him that, due to the "extensive damage" he's caused to the property, he has to move out.


Jeffrey contacted Legal Aid, an organization that defends the rights of low income people. They agreed to accompany him to an eviction grievance hearing with the building's property manager to offer legal advice. However, a few hours before the hearing was scheduled to take place, the property manager canceled it.

Emily D'Donnell from Legal Aid filed a lawsuit on Jeffrey's behalf. On Wednesday a judge granted Jeffrey a restraining order against the Chattanooga Housing Authority, meaning they can't take any further action to evict him until at least next month.

In an interview with Channel 3 News, Emily said, "He's being evicted essentially for being disabled, and that's a violation of state and federal fair housing law." Emily hopes that the Chattanooga Housing Authority will either allow Jeffrey to stay in the apartment or move him to a home better suited for his disability.

The case goes to court on October 8.

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