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You Never Know When Radical Is Going to Strike

We went to a skatepark and some professional-level skateboarding happened with some amateur-level photography to accompany it.

This past Wednesday I went skateboard riding with a bunch of the dudes that skate for my little skateboard company called Roger. Including this dude, Ryan Holloway. Easily one of the most genuinely weird dudes I've ever met, and I mean that in the best possible way.

What is it with the kids and their yoga and stretching these days? When my buddies and I were in our twenties we'd just drink a beer before skating and consider ourselves warmed up. Michelle Obama is winning.


Breakfast taco pre-gaming at La Posada.

If you made a photo-realistic painting out of this you'd probably be considered a genius by somebody out there. (Me.)

An impromptu backside lipslide party erupted in the parking lot.

Followed by a blurry noseblunt slide session. You never know when radical is going to strike.

Shortly thereafter we got to the skatepark and some professional-level skateboarding happened with some amateur-level photography to accompany it. The man in the air is Nate LaCoste and his part in the Roger Video that's coming out this summer is probably going to make some children pee their pants with excitement.

Hey LaCoste's other sponsors, do you pay photo incentive for weird lifestyle blog coverage? No? Can't blame you. (We tried, Nate.) After we left the skatepark we ate some BBQ in Lockhart, TX, and then went to another skatepark in San Marcos, TX, and then went swimming in a river. All of which are topics that I've covered at length in previous columns on this site so I didn't really feel like it was necessary to document.

So when it came time to write my column for this week I was like, "Well, heck… what else has happened lately that I can write about?" (I actually used a much naughtier word than "heck" but I'm trying to clean up my voice now that I'm a father.) Then I remembered that Okay Mountain (the art gallery I co-own with a bunch of other dudes) had its first show in our new space a few weeks back. That's worth talking about, I suppose.


Okay Mountain opened its doors in April of 2006, and we hosted 44 art shows at our original location before we inadvertently priced ourselves out of our own building. Long story. But we recently had our first official show at our new space showing the work of Leif Low-Beer from Brooklyn, NY. Welcome to TX, Leif.

Leif works as a commercial illustrator under the name Leif Parsons and is able to generate two completely different bodies of work between his commercial pursuits and his fine art. Here's an example of his commercial illustration work.

And one more example.

His personal work is almost completely void of any figurative elements. It seems really freeing to have such a separation between your two art practices. I work as a commercial illustrator and make fine art and my two bodies of work are nearly identical. One body of work just has corporate logos in the corner, which unfortunately pays considerably more than my signature.

Here's some installation shots of Leif's show that is currently up at Okay Mountain.

I really liked this sculptural installation.

The viewer was prompted to view these individual sculptures through an eye-hole which made them appear as one large stacked sculpture vs. individual pieces.

So you viewed the piece like this.

And as your eye scanned up (or down) the individual pieces appeared to be one entity. Which meant there was some very careful consideration to the spacing of the objects. Smart art.


Thanks, Leif. Hope you had a good time in Austin. Tell your friends it's terrible here though so they don't move here.

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