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Phil Elverum's West Coast Feeling

A picture's worth a thousand Elverums.

On the brink of releasing two new albums, Clear Moon, and Ocean Roar, Phil Elverum shared some pretty pictures with us. Here is his official statement on those images, and his reasons for sending them:

"I was invited to do a column about whatever but I didn't want to do it about anything. Instead I am offering a collection of photos about nothing too specific, other than perhaps 'the west coast feeling,' at least my version of it. These are not necessarily taken in western N. America, but they have the feeling. Life here (in the Pacific Northwest, not in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland or the chain of buildings connecting them but in the rest of the place, out west and east from the north-south I-5 river) can sometimes feel like a half-dream, half-myth. Smoke in the branches, rain in the football stadium, weird distant lights, sun from odd angles at dusk, debris lit by refinery glow…  This is a curated version of views of a normal place, bringing out the dark magic parts that are usually buried in daylight or not paused for."




Snow piles


Light in branches


Stadium Cloud