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Only Real Is My New Sonic Crush

And he's from London, which is weird, because most music from London sucks right now.

I’m going to cut the bullshit and get straight to the point: click the link down there and download Only Real's “Cadillac Girl” right now. It’s an order! I’m totally i-Dosing on it. I'm sonically crushed out. It makes me feel like I'm sat on a beach with Vini Reilly smoking the last crumbs of weed in my pocket so we don't get pulled up at the door of the Italo show we're heading to just before sunset. Up untill now, you couldn't download any of Only Real's stuff anywhere online, and the only info about Only Real was that it consists of ‘Only Real Guys’ from West London, fronted by an adorably smug-looking, Froot Loops-munching ginger guy. I took it upon myself to find out more.


VICE: Hey, who are you?

Niall Galvin:

Some sick guy!

So Only Real isn’t a band, it’s just you and your computer in your bedroom?

Yeah. It’s just me, in my bedroom.

What have you been up to today?

I went skateboarding at 8AM so no one would be there to see me hurt myself. I smashed up my shin really early on and was delirious, but then I went and got a coffee and it was still the morning, which was nice, you know. I’ve been doing musical things since then, watched some

South Park


King of the Hill

, and I ate a sandwich, too!

How old are you?

I am 20 for one more month.

Who is this “Cadillac Girl” and why is she "so over you"? Or maybe the song's a cover of some other song?

Nah, it’s not a cover! I think there is some rap song called “Cadillac Girl” but they share no similarities other than the name.

Did “Cadillac Girl” break your heart? You avoided that question so I'm assuming that she did.

I knew you would think I ignored it because of that!


The lyrics in the chorus go: “She’s so bold with me,” so it’s not that she’s over me exactly, at least not in that line.

My bad. Listening to it again it sounds like you’re singing: “She’s all over me.” Anyway. I love the guitar patterns, they sound like a Durutti Column but with more funk. What music do you like?

I haven’t had that comparison before, which is cool. It’s definitely about being as funky as possible, isn’t it? I like hip hop—



, Outkast, and J. Cole, he’s the best rapper ever. I also like guitar music, modern and older, 1980s stuff. They’re the things I think come through in Only Real.

What's going on in the video for "The Drivethrough"? Is that a party in your bedroom at the beginning?

It’s a party in my friend’s bedroom, with my friends in Childhood aka the new Hall & Oates singing the chorus. My boy filmed the video; he’s sick and a dab hand with the editing. We’re always filming and working on stuff so there’s tons more coming in the near future. We’re making a video for a new song that will be put up real soon.

Have you played live yet?

It’s coming, I can’t wait to get it out there. I am getting it together, it’s gonna be the wunners.

What's next for Only Real?

I’m working on ideas for mixtapes and projects and things. The live thing will be the next biggie, and then working with people and just seeing what happens and what comes along. Having a creasefest along the way is paramount.

A “creasefest”?

It’s just something me and my mates say, it’s like a "having a good time" kinda thing…

Are you signed to a label?

Nah! Hopefully all that stuff will come in the near future, but, as it is, it really is only Only Real!

Thanks Only Real, keep it real.