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Microsoft Is Sorry for Trying to Get Its 'Bae Interns' Wasted

The software giant had to apologize after sending out a beyond embarrassing email inviting its interns to "get lit" with "hella noms" and "lots of dranks."
HELL YES TO GETTING LIT ON A MONDAY NIGHT! Photo via Flickr user Laura Bittner.

Microsoft has really been trying to act its age ever since the 40-year-old company rolled out that failed chat bot experiment that turned its teen-speaking AI Tay into a hateful Holocaust-denying white supremacist, but sometimes it seems like it just can't help itself.

On Wednesday, the digital giant sent out a beyond embarrassing email to its San Francisco interns inviting them to the company's afterparty for something called Internapalooza, complete with some really heinous attempts at slang, the Seattle Times reports.


The email kicked off the invite with "Hey Bae Intern! <3" and basically just got worse until it reads like something a dad would write after falling down an Urban Dictionary rabbit hole.

"There will be hella noms, lots of dranks, the best beats and just like last year we're breaking out the Yammer beer pong tables!" Which even VICE's interns could barely comprehend. The whole thing wrapped up with the cheery sendoff, "Hell yes to getting lit on a Monday night!"

My roommate received this email from a Microsoft recruiter today. — Patrick Burtchaell (@pburtchaell)July 6, 2016

The collective response to the email from Microsoft's intelligent young interns seemed to be LOL, WTF? and screenshots quickly surfaced on Twitter prompting the software giant to publicly apologize.

A spokesperson addressed the cringeworthy grab at millennial recruits a few hours after the email went viral, telling Gizmodo that, "The email was poorly worded and not in keeping with our values as a company. We are looking into how this occurred and will take appropriate steps to address it."