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Watch the World's Best 'SMITE' Gamers Prepare for DreamHack Summer

Check out a trailer for our new documentary, 'Versus,' which goes behind the scenes of the competitive gaming world of 'SMITE'.

Since launching in 2014, Hi-Rez Studios' multiplayer mythological game SMITE has eaten up more and more of the professional multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) market, bringing a higher level of competitiveness and seven-figure prize pools to a playing field previously dominated by League of Legends and DOTA.

In our upcoming documentary, Versus ,VICE follows some of SMITE's top-tier professional players in the lead-up to one of 2016's biggest eSports events, DreamHack Summer in Jönkoöping, Sweden. Along the way we learn how the sheer enjoyment of the game transformed average players into top competitors and how every aspect of the game's promotion is meticulously managed by Hi-Rez itself. But at the end of the day—while there's money to be made, sponsors who want in, and streaming numbers on the rise—we see why SMITE isn't forming an exclusive audience, it's truly a MOBA game for everyone and it's getting bigger by the day.

Stay tuned for the full-length release of Versus coming to VICE in August.