An RCMP Officer Has Been Charged with Stealing and Selling Cocaine from the Evidence Locker

Why does so much news from Nova Scotia sound like a 'Trailer Park Boys' storyline?
August 4, 2016, 9:19pm

Photo via Flickr user kenzie campbell

This is a story all about how a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer from Nova Scotia allegedly thought he just could steal cocaine from the force, and sell it, without getting caught.

Staff Sgt. Craig Robert Burnett—yes, a federal police officer—allegedly stole 10 kg of cocaine from an exhibit locker, replaced them with another substance and then sold it to someone else back in 2011. Today, he was charged for theft of cocaine, trafficking cocaine, breach of trust, and laundering proceeds of crime. "It's certainly disconcerting for everyone when a police officer is alleged to have committed a serious offense," Ron MacDonald, the director of Nova Scotia's Serious Incident Response Team (SIRT), said. SIRT had been investigating Burnett since September 2015 after the RCMP learned that someone had allegedly stolen cocaine from the exhibit locker. According to the SIRT, the cocaine was slated to be destroyed once the case in which it was obtained was over. Clearly, someone couldn't bear the thought wasting all that blow. Burnett is currently in police custody and was scheduled to be in court today. Follow Ebony-Renee Baker on Twitter.