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Halifax Declares Donair Its Official Food Following Nail-Biter Vote

Finally, Halifax has a place on the map!

In a bold political move that will likely cement his legacy, Halifax Mayor Michael Savage has declared the donair—a mystery meat wrap for drunks—the city's official food.

The decision came after months of discussion, completely useless staff reports and amazing dad jokes like Councillor Tim Outhit's one-liner, "If we don't do this, won't we all falafel?"

Shit got heated at Tuesday's Halifax Regional Council meeting, where local officials debated the merits of giving the saucy meat-and-tomatoes sandwich official status.


According to local journo Jacob Boon, one councillor asked if the donair could be considered "an" official food instead of "the" official food—a distinction that would leave the door open for more publicly-funded munchies-related dialogues at future council meetings. Councillor Bill Karsten, in showing solidarity with the outsiders tuning in to this story, expressed confusion as to whether or not the declaration was "a fun thing" or a "serious thing."

We don't know, Bill. Maybe ask your fellow Councillor Linda Mosher, who led this whole crusade and has been quoted saying things like "It's like a cult, people are obsessed with donairs here."

In the end, it was a nail-biter seven-to-seven vote with Savage weighing in to break the tie, although we think this trashy rap music video—filmed in the famed King of Donair— may have been silent influencer.

Council then moved on to the next item on its agenda: addressing reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Gotta hand it to those politicians, they have their priorities straight.

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