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Bill from 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure' Wants to Sell You Frank Zappa's House for $9 Million

He says it's a bargain.

Filmmaker Alex Winter, who is probably best known as the guy fromBill & Ted's Excellent Adventure who's not Keanu, really wants you to fund his new Frank Zappa documentary on Kickstarter. So much so, he promises to sign over the deed to Zappa's house if you cough up a sufficient quantity of dough.

According to the New York Times, Winter was given "rare access" to Zappa's enormous media archive by his late wife before she passed away last year for use in the documentary, Who the F*@% Is Frank Zappa?


Apparently "rare access" means "just take whatever," because somehow Winter has become the proud owner of some incredible Zappa memorabilia—memorabilia that can be yours as a Kickstarter reward.

For pledging $2,500, Winter will send you something completely random from Zappa's house. "It could be clothing he wore, music that he listened to, a tchotchke that he collected," Winter writes on Kickstarter.

For $6,000, you can "BE A F*@%ing PRODUCER," complete with IMDB credits once the film is done. Pay more, and you can win an executive producer title, or an opportunity to rock out on Zappa's very own guitar during a private recording session.

But the real prize is a bit spendier: For a cool $9 million, you can become the proud owner of Zappa's 8,000-square-foot house in LA.

"It's a bargain!" Winter told the Times. Zappa's former house comes "complete with swimming pool, tennis court, guest houses, and much, much more."

For what it's worth, that $9 million isn't going to all go in Winter's pocket if someone buys the house—he promises to give a "big portion of that to the family for the value of the house, and then do everything we need to do toward making the archive safe and making the movie we want to make."

Winter's Kickstarter had already raised over $50,000 at the time of publication.