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A Florida Frat Was Evacuated Because of Protein Powder

Protein: One. Bros: Zero.
August 7, 2015, 11:00pm

Image via Wiki Commons

News station WKMG in Orlando is reporting that the Theta Chi fraternity house at the University of Central Florida was evacuated earlier today due to the discovery of a "cup of suspicious white powder." What was it? Cocaine?! Meth?! Smart drugs?!?!?!

Eh, how about protein powder?

A post on the frat's Facebook explains:

Earlier this afternoon a UCF representative conducted a walkthrough of the Theta Chi house. She found a cup of BCAA workout protein powder, incorrectly assumed it was an illegal substance and informed the authorities. It has since been deemed a false alarm and the chemical tests have confirmed it.

UCF's student newspaper reported on the hullabaloo, noting that at one point a hazmat crew was present at the frat house.

After two tests, the paper reported, the substance was confirmed to be protein powder.

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