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Jon Stewart is Opening an Animal Sanctuary

The former 'Daily Show' host is planning to make the switch from groundbreaking comedian to activist farmowner.
October 26, 2015, 9:27pm

It's hard to think of a job that could follow Jon Stewart's role as the host of The Daily Show. Now that he's passed the baton to Trevor Noah, Stewart revealed that his new career plans include opening an animal sanctuary.

Stewart and his wife, Tracey, announced the decision Saturday nightat a Plaza Hotel gala being thrown by the Farm Sanctuary—a company that rescues animals from factory farms and protects them from being abused and treated cruelly—where they were being honored.

At the all-vegan banquet, Tracey announced that she, Jon, and their two children had bought a farm in New Jersey, and intend to use it as a rescue center and an educational center. There is no official opening date, but it will be the fourth of its kind, with two similar rescue centers already instated in California and one in New York.

Jon has always been outspoken against animal cruelty, but even he still seemed to be cognizant of how unexpected this new career move is, saying, "I'm a little uncomfortable. I've spent the last 20 years immersed in the world of Washington politics and the media landscape, so I don't know how to deal necessarily with people who have empathy."

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