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A Hologram of Patsy Cline Is Going on Tour Because It Is the Future

Excited and/or horrified fans can thank the company that made that Tupac hologram at Coachella.
June 23, 2015, 1:09pm

Thumbnail via Flickr and Wikicommons

In 2016, Patsy Cline will become the first woman and country singer to be reanimated as a hologram, Billboard reports. Cline, who died in a 1963 plane crash, was the first woman inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame after cry-yourself-to-sleep songs like "I Fall to Pieces" and "Walkin' After Midnight" made her a mainstream success.

Excited and/or horrified fans can thank Hologram USA, who partnered up with the singer's estate to create a full concert experience featuring a performance of her greatest hits, commentary, and audience interaction. Hologram USA, a company probably best known for making that insane Tupac hologram at Coachella, is also planning a Liberace tour and working on a mass-resurrection of famous comedians.

Will this new-fangled technology change the future of live performance? Are Kurt and Dave destined to play together again? Or are all dead celebrities from here on out doomed to an eternity of digital resurrections as bad as Livia Soprano's CGI scene from beyond the grave? Only time will tell.

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