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Stabbed Pizza Guy Delivers Pie Before Going to the ER

Josh Lewis had his chest cavity punctured by a carjacker, but he had a job to finish.

Hero. Screencap via WLKY TV News

The US Postal Service Creed is pretty hardcore, but apparently the Pizza Delivery Creed goes one step further: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night, nor being stabbed by a fucking carjacker, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."

According to KLKY TV News, Josh Lewis, a 25-year-old pizza delivery guy left Spinelli's Pizzeria in Louisville, Kentucky on Sunday afternoon with a pizza that desperately needed to be eaten. When he arrived at the delivery location, which was a local hospital, he was confronted by a male assailant in his 40s. It's not clear exactly how the next part went down, since Lewis is still recovering from his injuries and hasn't given a detailed account, but we know the ensuing attack didn't stop the delivery.


Lewis was knifed in the back by the assailant, which is a type of attack that symbolizes cowardice and betrayal to many. One might also argue that by interfering with a pizza courier in the execution of his duties, the attacker defied the de facto contract Americans have with pizza delivery professionals: To ensure the quick arrival of our pies, don't fuck with the guys tasked with schlepping them around—or at the very least, make sure the pizzas get delivered.

We saw another example of this earlier this year, when Illinois cops busted a delivery guy for smoking pot, and then finished his delivery for him.

Near the scene of the crime, via Google Street View

Perhaps energized by this important compact, Lewis managed to protect his piping hot parcel, even after the blade entered into his chest cavity and collapsed his lung. Despite the injury, he managed to deliver the pizza to employees at Norton Hospital, enabling a hungry medical staff to eat and carry on healing people. Unfortunately, Norton Hospital does not have an emergency room. So after the pizza hand-off, Lewis was rushed to Louisville University Hospital for surgery.

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Lewis's manager Willow Rouben described the injured pizza guy as "coherent" when he was being rushed to his operation. As of this morning, Lewis was still recovering according to the appropriately named Louisville paper, the Courier Journal.

Rouben told the local news, "He's a sweet kid and we're just so sad that this happened to him." Spinelli's Pizzeria is reportedly trying to work out "a way to help Lewis and his family."

The carjacker, reportedly a black man in his 40s, is presumed to still be in possession of Lewis's Jeep Cherokee, which is black with light blue trim, and gold stripes. It's license place is from Michigan and the number is CDY6122. If you see it, hit up the Louisville police tip line at (502) 574-5673.

Also, reflect on what pizza delivery people go through next time you're calculating a tip. And don't pull that lame prank where you order a bunch of pizzas to someone else's house, because it doesn't clown the person you think it does.

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