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February 8, 2010, 3:26pm

Traditional Comics is a comic imprint that

Benjamin Marra

made up to put out his comics. This is a commercial they ran last night during the Superbowl (on youtube), and which we estimate will probably help boost their sales by at least 34 copies. So far there they've only got two titles, but they are both some of our all-time favorite comics of the last year.

Gangsta Rap Posse is about a rap group that are constantly going around killing people who steal their rhymes and getting into shootouts with the cops. They also run an extremely successful drug-dealing enterprise. If you were young and believed that NWA's real lives were exactly like what they rapped about, it would be this comic.

Night Business, now on it's third issue, is about the world of strippers, drugs, and organized crime. There are hyper-detailed torture sequences and serial killings, and everyone's anatomy is kinda stiff and way overrendered with all kinds of awesome shading. All the guy characters look like action figures you would have killed to have owned when you were little, and all the girl characters/strippers look like drawings of sexy ladies you would have made to impress your friends and convince your enemies that you're not gay.

If you're going to read this and dismiss it as "ironic" or condescending to the subject matter, you'd better leave right now. These comics are important and will help you better understand the way you felt and thought about life when you were a wee'un, and if you disagree I will fight you.