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March 20, 2009, 4:52pm

We're on a roll with this cat theme today. And Li'l Pete's got something to share...
I don't know if you know this but my editor can get kinda cranky. Remember how she screamed at me for taking photos of her friends? Minding that, I sent her these surefire cheerer-upper picturegraphs I'd just taken of a pussycat. I was snapping away when a pigeon went a coo-coo'ing in the wrong direction...

Oh, it was quite the feathered fracas. This li'l Tigger reminded me of our barn kitties back home, the way it pounced on the bird and started ripping its feathers out with its teeth. Thrilled by my near-National-Geographic snapshot (this is surely a Vice "DO"), I AIM'd it to my editor.

Li'l Pete (1:59:40 PM): Check this out!

Li'l Pete (1:59:58 PM): You like cats, right?

Editor (2:00:14 PM): sure I do. I like animals in general

Editor (2:00:18 PM): thanks for sharing

I immediately closed the chat window. "Thanks for sharing"? Am I the ten-year-old to her second-grade teacher? And why is my editor such a coozy? I think she oughta loosen up a little and stop now and again to appreciate the "smaller things" I intend to showcase now and again in my new "Show & Tell" series. [He's not getting a series. -Ed] Because it seems my editor has got her wheels stuck in the mud today, this first-ever Show & Tell is a real cute one.

I met this cheerful chump outside a pizza shop. Just look at that pepperoni bowtie, those chicken wing limbs, and his real funny mushroom nose. He's a pizza-roll-man topped off with a spinach hairdo. And he has his own slice of pizza! He's just so gosh-darn cute!

You wanna stick with animals, though? OK, tell me you wouldn't want to have this doggie put down just so you can rip off her bushy gold coat and wrap it around your shoulders as you sip Chai tea at your desk.

Hold your horses I ain't finished. Hey Sis. JSUK, New Yorkers love us Iowans because they think we're horse trainers like you. Say hi to Sprinkles!

And the cutest thing imaginable of all-time: my Truman Catpote. Really, though, is Truman Catpote not the feline incarnate of the dead gay writer? So here you go, editor: a week's-worth of animal(/pizza guy) cuteness. Can you please now quit making me feel kinda silly for wanting to stoke a friendly, communicative working relationship?