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Watch President Obama Hang Out with Jerry Seinfeld

"I remember very well not being famous. It wasn't that great."

Screenshot via 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'

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The seventh season of Jerry Seinfeld's web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffeekicked off Wednesday night by ditching its comedy-centric format in favor of an interview with President Barack Obama.

The outgoing US leader has spent the last several months having on-the-record chats with everyone from Bill Simmons to Marc Maron to Marilynne Robinson, so an interview with one of the most famous stand-ups of all time isn't exactly shocking, but it's still an enjoyably low-key affair; the pair strolls the White House grounds talking about cursing, to the president's underwear drawer, power-crazed world leaders, and the perils of notoriety.

"I would love to just be taking a walk, and then I run into you, you're sitting on a bench," Obama says to Seinfeld. "Anonymity's not something you think about as being valuable."

"With all due respect," Seinfeld responds, "I remember very well not being famous. It wasn't that great."

You can watch the entire episode on the show's website and stay tuned for new episodes every Wednesday.