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Striking Deliveroo Riders Have Won Concessions from Management

It's samosa they could have hoped for in their battle against a controversial new pay deal.
Simon Childs
London, GB

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Looks like a week of picketing offices and shouting down their V-neck-wearing oppressors has won concessions for striking Deliveroo workers… sorry, self-employed contractors. Riders had been protesting over a new payment scheme, which would see them get £3.75 per delivery with no guaranteed hourly pay rate. At the moment they're on £7 per hour plus £1 per delivery.


Writing on a blog on the Deliveroo website, founder Will Shu reiterated what many of his workers disagree with: that he thinks the new pay scheme is a great idea. "We truly believe – and have seen in previous trials – that average driver fees will increase," he wrote.

But he also said, "If riders wish to stick with the old scheme, we simply ask them to move over to a neighbouring zone, no more than two miles away. Signing the new pay-per-delivery service agreement will not be compulsory during the trial – if riders want to continue working in their zone under the pay-per-delivery trial to see how it works for them, they can do so."

The riders had been sceptical that this was really a trial, since it involved signing new contracts. Now the trial is going ahead, but riders don't have to sign on the dotted line and can opt out.

The IWGB union that has been helping organise the strikes chalked it up as a victory. Last night they shared on Facebook:

**Breaking News**

The delegation of drivers have just exited the Deliveroo head office, having finished negotiations with Management. They agreed to the following:

- No victimisation
- No new contract
- Even if drivers have signed the new contract already, it no longer has effect and you are not bound to it
- This will be a trial until 14th September when Deliveroo will meet again with workers to assess the month's pay
- If you don't want to be on the trial, you WILL have to move zone, but you will be able to move to any zone of YOUR choice and be guaranteed the same hours you are currently on.


Signing off his blog, Will Shu says: "We have been listening to our riders to understand what matters and how we can make Deliveroo work better for them. Ultimately, if this model doesn't work for our riders, it doesn't work for us."

Mags Dewhurst from the IWGB said, "We will prepare from September the 14th and continue fighting for sure. People are not happy with Deliveroo and no one trusts the management."

The question now will be whether or not the riders actually find the new deal any good, and if the company will really be this magnanimous if they reject it.

A Deliveroo rider


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