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Good News: You Can Track the UK's Marmite Stocks with This Live Map

Stocks are going fast, though I'm not sure why because you only really need to use a jar of it once every half a year.

And so it has come to this. The great battle of the 21st century is upon us. This is our Stalingrad, our Hastings, our Somme. Unilever vs Tesco, in what is sure to be the bloodiest, most violent fracas between two giant companies the world has ever seen, and perhaps will ever see. Unilever, to compensate for the recent sharp decline of the pound's worth thanks to Brexit, has chosen to up the prices of many of its products. Tesco, in return, has removed these products from their online shop.

The thing people are most upset about in all this, naturally, is the Unilever product Marmite, because British people – blah, blah, blah, rain and pies and saveloys and being polite on the Tube – and yadda, yadda, whatever. In reaction to the news, the people of our fair nation are reportedly panic-buying Marmite, a jar of which lasts the average person about six months (unless you eat it every day), so stocks are running out quick.

Luckily, data map visualisation expert Dan Cookson has created a live Mar-Map so you can track where in the UK still has stocks of the yeasty brown goo.

Check it out below: