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Pornhub's New Study Proves Americans Love Watching Anal Porn

Pornhub Insights, the smut giant’s data department, conducted a study about Pornhub users' anal porn consumption, discovering who has users' favorite asshole and which state watches the most booty porn on the site.

Photo and graphs courtesy of Pornhub

Do you jack off to creampie porn? Do you spend your evenings busting nuts as you watch fellas slide slimy wet ones up ladies' and/or other fellas’ backsides? Does the thought of an anal prolapse make you hard like a 13-year-old witnessing Britney Spears’s “… Baby One More Time” music video for the first time?

According to Pornhub, for many people the answer to these questions is a resounding yes.


Pornhub Insights, the smut giant’s data department, recently conducted a study about Americans’ anal porn consumption. For several weeks, the team examined Pornhub users’ searches. The research unearthed important facts, like which state’s users likes asses the most and how much American Pornhub viewers like ass in comparison with other countries (only Russians likes butts more than we do). For funsies, Pornhub also looked into how much countries that America has invaded—like Iraq and Afghanistan—use Pornhub to watch booty sex.

Afterwards, the Nate Silver of porn created these exclusive graphs for VICE to reveal the findings. (All terms in the graphs were found in users' search results.) The results may surprise you—and also get you very, very hard.

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