Stacy Kranitz's Gorgeous Photos of Skaters Growing Up


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Stacy Kranitz's Gorgeous Photos of Skaters Growing Up

Come see her work this Saturday night in Los Angeles.
January 30, 2015, 3:03pm

For the past decade, photographer Stacy Kranitz, the artist who shot this month's story on the Sausage Castle, has embedded with subcultures throughout America and this Saturday night, her first solo exhibition in Los Angeles will open at Little Big Man Gallery. Comprised of intimate and daring photographs from an alternative community called Skatopia in southern Ohio, the show presents a visceral take on this subset of American youth. She is one of our new favorite photographers—look for more of her work in upcoming issues of VICE's print magazine.

Alongside still images, the exhibition will also include Kranitz's feature-length film, Jerimy, which documents the life of a boy she met at Skatopia. The footage is both beautiful an unnerving, and it probes the different ways the artist unabashedly utilizes and venerates the youthful sexuality of her muse.

Still from Jerimy, a film by Stacy Kranitz

Stacy Kranitz's From the Study on Post-Pubescent Manhood will be on view at Little Big Man Gallery, 801 Mateo Street in Los Angeles, through March 14. Come to the opening reception this Saturday, January 31, from 6:30 to 9:00 PM.