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Mongoloid Blast No-Nonsense Hardcore Punk Rock at a Furious Clip

The Portland punks aren't ones to complicate things too much.

Take a look at the picture. The band is Mongoloid. Yes, that is a basement, and yes, the vocalist has a Santa Cruz tattoo on one arm and the logo for classic DC band Void on the other. Basements, skateboarding, and punk pretty much sums up the Portland four-piece. Their first seven-inch may have included some saxophone but generally these guys aren’t ones to complicate things. Their new album, to be relesed in September on Deranged, is called Plays Rock and Roll and they do just that, blasting out non-bullshit hardcore punk rock at a furious clip.


“American Nomad”, a song from the new record, is about legendary skater Bill Danforth, who used to skate in Detroit with Chris Moore from Negative Approach.

Listen to the track below and read a (very) brief chat we had with the band’s Sam Zimmer.

Noisey: I like the spelling error on the album cover. I really hope it was a true mistake/oversight!
Sam Zimmer: It was an artistic decision, we're all actually highly educated sophistos, Just slumming it as illiterate rockers

You are from Portland but you seem to have a strong Clevo nihilistic vibe going down. Have you played Now That’s Class?
I grew up in that bar.

“Slam Pig” is one of your earlier songs, have appeared on your first demo. Has it evolved much?
Yeah, it rocks harder.

You still skate?
Of course.

‘Plays Rock and Roll’ will be available mid September from Deranged. Pre-orders are available now.