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Watch Fat Joe Shrivel Up Inside Because Young Thug Wore a Dress

That and more, today in fragile masculinity.

Image from YouTube

Fat Joe’s not exactly my favourite person going around. I mean, not since the era of “What’s Luv” and pleather golf caps did it feel right to give him the time of day.

Since those days he’s been partial to a song in the charts here and there, basically no thanks to the same same, Money, Hoes, and Clothes rhetoric of Joe’s brilliant mind, and all thanks to whoever is making his beats that day.


And more recently, he’s become a kind of spokesman for MarketAmerica, a pyramid scheme door-to-door sales franchise/cult which he says finances his “day job” of “rapping.” He’s so committed to the cause, in fact, that he’s admitted to sneaking lyrics about MarketAmerica into his songs.

This weekend at the MTV Video Music Awards, Complex asked a few celebs on the red carpet what they thought of Young Thug’s album cover. Which, granted, is a shitty question. It basically opens up the floor for shitty people to say shitty things as if it somehow matters that an artist is wearing a costume on the cover of a piece of work.

But here we are.

Complex happened across Fat Joe and Remy Ma on the red carpet and, after asking them this timeless and explosive question, Fat Joe decided this was the time and place to make it clear to the world that he knows he would “never wear a dress.” He then says “I’d bet that one” which… doesn’t sound like a sentence to me.

He says a couple more unnecessary sentences about nothing really, before patting Complex's Nadeska Alexis on the shoulder in a super condescending way when she calls Thugger brave. He then walks off on both her and Remy mid-interview because apparently it's all too much.

In short, Joe has the exact look you see on your cagey old uncle who continually mumbles about how he “just can’t understand” why same sex couples “won't keep their private lives to themselves,” despite nobody asking him, who then drinks too much at Christmas and pisses himself.

Watch the full video below.