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Bored Guy Busted for Cooking Meth Just to See if He Remembered How

He came clean and told the cops he "intentionally made ammonia to prove to himself he had not forgotten how to make meth."
Photo via Nathan Russell

Serving 60 days in jail in 2014 after getting busted for cooking meth in his college apartment did not deter former Brigham Young University student Bryce Cazier from revisiting his old hobby, Salt Lake City's KSL reports.

Cazier was once again caught cooking up the stuff in his shared apartment bathroom in SLC after his roommate reportedly figured he was revisiting his old recipes when she came home to the smell of ammonia. Cazier tried to assure her he was just "extracting oils from herbs," but the roommate decided to call the police.

Cops showed up to the apartment and questioned Cazier. While they were there, they noticed a conspicuous list on his kitchen table that included stuff like "sulfuric acid, Sudafed, Ice Cold Burst packs, and Prestone."

Instead of trying to convince the cops that he was actually just making soap like he did back in 2014, Cazier came clean and told the police he was "bored" and "intentionally made ammonia to prove to himself he had not forgotten how to make meth."

Now, Cazier faces a first-degree felony charge for having clandestine laboratory precursors. It's not yet clear how much jail time he could get. But if and when he serves more time, he might want to think about just getting a Netflix subscription next time he's bored, or at least moving his operation somewhere more discrete, like underneath the parking lot of his local Walmart.

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