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A Guy Texted a Number on a Bathroom Wall and Found True Love

Apparently this is what happens when you text one of those "for a good time, call..." numbers written on a stall.
Not the actual happy couple, but an equally happy couple. Photo via Flickr users Bill Benzon and Robert Kintner

Between Kilroy and that "S" thing everyone magically learned how to draw in the fourth grade, every bathroom around the world has at least one "for a good time, call…" number scribbled on it, but nobody actually calls them, right?

British truck driver Mark Ellis did, and it led him to a very happy marriage, the Sun reports. Ellis found his bride-to-be's phone number scrawled onto a bathroom wall at his local bar and, in what could have only been an alcohol-induced state of bravado, shot her a text: "Hi. What are u up to?"

The rest was history. After only a few days of texting back-and-forth with Donna Roberts—the legal secretary who was on the receiving end of the phone number in question—the pair decided to meet up. The whole thing played out like a Sleepless in Seattle reboot, and the two are now happily married with a couple of kids.

The graffiti's text, "for a good shag call Donna," was written by a vengeful ex-boyfriend. But in the end, Roberts got the last laugh. "I should thank my ex," she told the Sun. "He did me a favor."

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