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We Introduce Our Newest Hire and Talk Game Writing Challenges on Waypoint's New Podcast

The Waypoint crew continues to grow, as managing editor Danielle Riendeau joins Patrick Klepek and Austin Walker to kick off another week in video games.
Image courtesy of 2K Games

Image courtesy of 2K Games

After starting on October 29 (28th in the US) Waypoint is kicking off a ridiculous 72-hour livestream to celebrate the launch of our new website. Before we get there, though, it's time for a podcast, this time with the added bonus of our new managing editor Danielle Riendeau!

On today's podcast, Danielle explains why she's fallen hard for Mafia III, Austin dives deep into the history of tabletop RPGs, and I celebrate being able to beat a boss in Dark Souls 3. Go me! We also ventured into the Question Bucket to mull gaming's relationship with the writing process.


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