Photos from the Next Generation of Female Photographers


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Photos from the Next Generation of Female Photographers

Columbia University's first all-female photography MFA class will be showcasing their work this weekend in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Here's a taste of what they've been up to.

When the newest batch of MFA photography graduates arrived at Columbia University back in 2014, they realized that they were the program's first class to be made entirely of women. "This context largely shaped our experience and led us to more keenly observe our relationships with the women who have come through the program," Rachel Stern, one of the grads, told VICE.

The 18 alumni have now organized a show of their classmates work at the Black and White Gallery/Project Space, a venue in Bushwick, Brooklyn, run by the mother-daughter team of Tatyana and Sasha Okshteyn. The show (curated by Stern, Rola Khayyat, Emily Kloppenburg, and Alex Strada) is called Lattice Work and introduces a diverse set of talents with a keen eye for everything from landscapes to portraiture to abstract images both disturbing and beautiful.


Stop by Friday, Saturday, or Sunday from 1 to 6 PM to check out the work, and see a selection of some of the photos below:

Jerusalem, 2004.Rona Yefman

Of how terrible orange is, 2010.Yola Monakhov Stockton

California Adventure, 2016.Katie Kline

Lower Manhattan, Shenzhen, China, 2016. Alex Strada

Arctic, 2016.Patrice Helmar

Headstone, 2016.Rachel Stern

The Turquoise Synagogue, 2016.Rola Khayyat

Untitled #1 (Barricade Study, 2016), 2016.Emily Kloppenburg

Tattoo in his Hammock, 2015.Patrice Helmar

Imperial, 2016.Patrice Helmar

Construct with Newsprint, 2015.Susan Morelock

Not yet, 2016.Leah Moskowitz

Gil in the Mirror, 2002.Rona Yefman

Magnolia Cemetery I, 2016.Rachel Stern

Pink Curtain, NW Fence View, Clinging, 2016.Tanyth Berkeley

Kiss and Cry (production still #1), 2015.Liz Magic Laser